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The magician shows a pan, puts all the ingredients to make a cake inside (flour, water, eggs, and so…

Items appear and vanish from this Dragon Mystery Box. Any object that fits into the box will…


The amazing magic coloring book is the easiest trick around. Flip the pages showing they are…


These funny 7.5” size eyes come with a peel off sticker back.  The eyes can add a…


This is an assortment of 5 blister packed magic trick sets. Each one contains 5 easy to do magic…


The story of Lester Lake “Marvelo magician, inventor, showman and daredevil performer! This…

About E-Z Magic – Celebrating our 100th year in 2016!
We offer the largest selection of professional and party magic products in the world. We specialize in sales to beginners in magic, who typically purchase their first 15 to 20 magic tricks from Robbins E-Z Magic line. For kids, we offer cheap and easy-to-learn tricks. We try to be the One Stop Shop supplier for stores or other dealers in magic tricks through our online shop. 

Wholesale Magic Tricks & Magic Supplies


Our focus is to offer wholesale magic tricks and supplies for Brick and Mortar Stores, concessions, counters and bulk size users of individual items, web magic stores and pitch people.  We also offer wholesale joke novelties for novelty and souvenir stores, clown stores, shops or any high traffic location wanting some fun diversions.  Many of these can be great party ideas for kids or any aspiring clowns or magicians!

Our product offerings include Wholesale magic books for stores, premiums, collectors. Over 600 different titles in stock from $0.20 each to $100.00 each. Select books available in bulk. Wholesale magic posters - several hundred different are in stock. Wholesale magic DVDs - hundreds of different DVDs featuring all the major magicians and educational instruction. All told, as a leading Magic trick distributor, we offer more than 6000 different products make it easy to consolidate to one source to save time and money for kids, amateurs and professionals.
In addition to items, we sell wholesale magician supplies for the amateur and professional and wholesale magic apparatus for professionals and displays. Our online shop is full of excellent products for every facet of your routine. Whether you a considering a career as a performing clown or magician for kids or parties, or need to order cheap and easy-to-learn tricks in bulk, we have what you need online!
Magic trick giveaways to promote store traffic or pack with other products. Magic trick manufacturer - we make many of our own products. Magic trick importer - we distribute most major lines of magic made in the world.
Magic trick publisher - we publish over 100 books including the famous Tarbell Course in Magic 8 Volume Set. Magic trick premiums - hundreds of items can be tied into general products or for giveaways, sales calls, etc.
So come visit our online store for all of your cheap, fun, easy bulk or party magic needs!

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