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X-Ray Resistant Cards (Astor)
A mental effect done with six blank white Experiment Cards and a Prediction Card. A spectator sketches on a card, and then without seeing it, you draw the same drawing. Easy to do, no force, all cards are examinable.
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Ghost Cash (Astor)
With the help of this prop, you can "visually print” an examinable real banknote. Easy to do. Available in $20 currency. (If there is demand, we can also order 2 other currencies: the new €20 AND £. Let us know.)
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Pentel Roller Pen for SvenPad®
Refillable Pentel 1.0 mm Retractable Gel Roller Pen for use with your customizable SvenPads®. Offers thicker lines, no bleed-through, and instant drying ink. (Use ONLY water based inks with your SvenPads.)
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An instant lighter transposition. Razed is a clever gimmick enabling you to perform color changes and transpositions. Made to work with any miniature Bic lighter. Great for close up and manipulation acts. Easy to perform; instant re-set.
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Black Holes Prediction (Astor)
Spectator chooses 2 cards, then places a transparent plexi sheet over each (black circle and triangle). Magician takes 2 cards from PREDICTION envelope. It matches chosen cards AND geometric shape! No sleight of hand. Works with any deck.
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Magic Pencil (Astor)
Magician uses pencil to pierce and then tear in half a borrowed bill, then restores bill. Next, the magician slowly and visibly penetrates the banknote with pencil. Restored again. Easy to do.
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SvenPad® KøD Memo Pad (red, yellow or purple)
A memo pad with a SPIRAL binding that hides the FORCING secrets within! Customizable memo pad is 5" x 3". Comes with instructions. Choose Assorted, Red, Yellow or Purple (limited edition). Optional recommended Pen (to add onto your sale).
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Marketing Magic - Cummins
Do you want to book more shows, make more money, and become more famous? Kent Cummins explains exactly how to make it happen with the first 24 columns of his 'Marketing Magic' series, from The Linking Ring.
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Ring & Chain (Astor)
Magician removes spectator’s wedding ring from purse by dipping only the middle of the chain into the purse. Magician then allows spectator to remove their ring from the chain. Includes chain, wedding ring, 2 purses and instructional video download.
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SvenPad® Mini  (Pair)
2015 Magic Trick of the Year at the Magic Cafe! A customizable FORCING utility device! The original SvenPad® Mini is elegant, durable, with a leatherette cover. 4.5" x 3". Two Minis in each package, with instructions. Optional recommended Pen.
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Jokes and Novelties
Jokes & Novelties

No Joke! We offer one of the largest wholesale selections of jokes in the industry.  D. Robbins also is a leader in selling wholesale magic jokes and gags, specializing in three distinct categories: Bang/Exploding, Juggling and Puppets.  Bang Items are harmless and fun and can help earn yourself an easy laugh.  Many of our Bang Items appear to be everyday objects including a book, pen, wallet and lighter.  We even offer a bar of soap that will let out a loud bang!  


Our Juggling section includes some of the most common items that jugglers need for their act.  Juggling balls, juggling clubs and even the incredible Juggling Diablo are some of the items that D. Robbins offers as your wholesale magic jokes and gags leader.


Our Puppet line includes nearly 40 different puppets of varying size, shape and creature.  We have mouse puppets, duck puppets, and bird puppets.  Some of our animal puppets even come dressed such as our Farmer Bunny or the Big Chimp with Pants.  We also have puppets that can relate to different groups of people, including our Wizard Puppet, Nurse Puppet, Policeman Puppet, Queen Puppet and many more!



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Bang/ Exploding/ Shock/ Sounds
Bang, exploding, fart, belch, shock, squeak, talking
Balls, clubs, plates, scarves, book, DVD
Dye/ Flavor/ Smell
Color, dye, dirty, ink, stink, smell, taste, sour, hot, gross
For finger and hand
Other Jokes & Novelties
Jokes and Novelties not otherwise categorized. Balloons, clown, giant, itch, jump, props, squirt, surprise, and much more.
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Giant Pencil - 12 per Display
This oversized pencil has both magic and practical use.
In stock
Garlic Candy
This candy actually tastes like garlic.
In stock
Onion Candy
This candy actually tastes like onions.
In stock
Bacon Candy
This candy actually tastes like bacon
In stock
Cracked Cell Phone Screen
Trick your friends into thinking their phone is broken.
In stock
Flosso Two Headed Half Dollar
A real coin with heads on both sides
F20620 *
In stock
Toilet Bug - BP
This fake bug will get a rise out of people.
In stock
Secret Message Pen - Display of 12
With the correct lighting you can read secret messages.
In stock
Funny Toilet Paper - Obama
Actual toilet paper with President Barack Obama's face printed on it.
In stock
Clown Nose Deluxe w/ Elastic
A hand-made comfortable clown nose that is made to last.
In stock
Magicians Joke Routine Props - BLACK I (Black Eye)
50 black I sponge letters to give out during your routine.
In stock
Drinking Bird
In stock
Shock Hand Buzzer
In stock
Nail Through Hand Illusion
Make your friends think you managed to nail your own hand.
In stock
Jumbo Cockroach
In stock
Folding Spoon
This spoon will fold under the pressure of holding up your food.
Out of Stock
Arrow Through Head
This arrow will seemingly have gone through the performer's head.
In stock
Stretch Catapult Chicken  4 1/2"  Display Of 36
Shoot this chicken across the room.
In stock
Number 2 Pencil - Poop Emoji- Display Of 24
A number two pencil with fake number two on the end. Inspired by they Poop emoji.
In stock
Finger Spies - Glow In The Dark - 24 Per
A great children's gag. Comes in multiple colors.
In stock
Dribble Glass - 8oz - Taiwan
The user of this glass will always spill on themselves.
In stock
Sixth Little Finger Joke
This small fake hand attaches to your pinky and becomes a sixth little 'finger'. Watch their surprise as you perform pocket magic.
In stock
Talking Toilet
Hide this near a toilet to have some fun with whoever is using it.
In stock
Surprise Snake Can- Display Of 12
A fake snake will jump out of this metal mixed nuts can.
In stock
Redneck Jumbo Cigars - Display Of 12
An oversized fake cigar.
In stock
Mega Fart Bomb (Display Of 24)
This bag will release a repulsive smell.
In stock
Cookie Roach
A harmless joke to gross out your friends.
In stock
Cockroach Chewing Gum
A harmless joke to gross out your friends.
In stock
Puppet - Santa Claus
A puppet of Santa Claus. Little toy bag included that can be filled with giveaways.
In stock
Mega Whoopee Cushion 16"
A 16" cushion that can be easily hidden and lets out a loud noise.
In stock
Freaky Foam Lighter  -  Spray Can
This lighter will actually shoot foam.
In stock
Extendable No. 1 Signal
A #1 foam finger that can also extend.
In stock
Phony Squirt - Ketchup
Squirt a red string out of the ketchup bottle.
In stock
Vomit Drops
This candy tastes like barf.
In stock
Pepper Chewing Gum
This gum has a hot pepper flavor.
In stock
Blue Devil Latex Mask & Costume One Size Complete - Mask Illusions
Deluxe Blue Devil mask and costume for adults. Including latex mask, full body costume, cape with big collar, and shoe covers. One size fits all. Made by Mask Illusions. For Halloween, balloon delivery or whatever devilish needs you have.
In stock
Puppets - Mind Reading Magician 28"
A puppet of a male magician in a top hat and bowtie, 28" in height.
In stock
Puppets - Nurse 28 inch
A puppet of a female nurse, 28" in height.
In stock
Puppets - Policeman 28 inch
A puppet of a male cop, 28" in height.
In stock
Puppets - Cool Dog 28"
A puppet of an awesome dog, 28" in height.
In stock
Puppets - Big Monkey Brown 28"
A puppet of a brown monkey, 28" in height.
In stock
Puppets - Little Boy 28"
A puppet of a boy, 28" in height.
In stock