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Our monthly Promotional sale is currently active!  Save up to 60% on some of our magic items.  This month:  Close up, stage, card, and die magic, crystal production box, penetrate a wand, milk bottle, production silk, and more.  Each month, check out the new sale under our Special Sales and Promotions category, at

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The E-Z Magic online store is the easiest way to purchase any of our magical products that you need for your store or next act!  Our items are broken down into easily searchable categories including Magic, Books, DVDs and Joke items.  Robbins' Magic items category has over 30 subcategories, so you can find the perfect trick in the magic discipline you are looking for!


Don’t forget to search the New Items section to see the latest additions to our store or the special sale and promotions tab to see what items we are highlighting that week.  Keep an eye on our Best Sellers (listed right), which rotate every time you come to the page.


Items are searchable by name or item number and be sure to read the item description so you can learn more about each item.  Some of our listings have instructional videos for your convenience so you can see how to effectively perform some of the tricks.

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Rising Wand - HK   1/2"
This 14" black wand can perform five different tricks.
In stock
Magic Vision Box  - LG #5419 L
The magician will know which color is facing up when placed in the box.
In stock
One Hundred And Ten Tricks With A Stripper Deck
Learn over 100 tricks involving a stripper deck with this book.
In stock
Magic Long Short (Svengali) Cards #6949
These cards change size in a flash.
Out of Stock
Magic Mystery Dice #5727  (Crazy Cube)
The performer will know which side of the die is facing up.
In stock
Royal Magic Coloring Book 8 1/2 X 11
A coloring book that goes from blank to colored magically.
In stock