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Announcing the new exciting magic kit from D. Robbins: Astonishing Mind Reading Magic Set! This 120-tricks unique magic set contains 18 quality props and instructional booklet in one attractive, compact package. Enormous magic value! 


All SIX new 2019 Tenyo release items are here! Check out the Sword Reward,  Instant Portrait, Dice HopperPrint ImpressChocolate Break, and Screen Clean.  Order today for prompt holiday delivery!


Your favorite and new Funtime products are in stock now!


Shop now for the Christmas & Holidays themed tricks and novelties. We ship fast.


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D. Robbins and E-Z Magic is your one-stop online store for magical products for your store or next act! Check our list of categories to find the perfect tricks or cool novelties. You don't want to miss the great deals in our Promotional Sale, or the bestselling products that everyone loves. Hot trends, new arrivals, convention prize winners, all-time classic tricks - all here! For 102 years D. Robbins is the place where magic begins.


Featured Items
Zombie Ball - Metal (FT)
Spun metal ball about 5.5 inches in diameter, with gimmick and detailed instructions. No strings or attachments required.
In stock
Water Suspension Vase (Wonder)
Cover the the vase with the plastic card provided, or any waterproof card, turn it over... and the liquid does not come out! The trick is nearly self working, and provides plenty of opportunities for comedy. Supplied complete.
In stock
Tarantula II (Mesika)
Tarantula II can produce real magic anytime, in any light condition. Operate completely hands-free without any special jewelry or clothing, right under a spectator’s nose, and completely surrounded. Easy to master.
In stock
Magicians Rope - Soft 50 ft - Fluorescent Orange UV (FT)
50 foot fluorescent orange colored rope. Appears extra bright under normal lighting, and will glow under black light or light with rich Ultra Violet content.
In stock
Puppet Prophet or Jesus 28"
A puppet of Jesus, 28 inches in height.
In stock
Joker Magic Chinese Coin Color Change
A black Chinese coin turns red, then blue in the magician's hand!
In stock
Glitter Ball Production Garland (FT) - 4" Medium
These colorful flower balls on a ribbon will easily fit into your favorite production item. When you pull them out, they open into a glittery array of 5 metallic flowers. Each glitter flower is 4" in diameter.
In stock
Easy Come, Easy Go - Buddha Papers Mystery
Fold the pieces of colored paper around the money, unfold them and the money is gone! Classic Buddha Papers Mystery trick in nice retail package.
In stock
Flash String 16 ft - Green
This green colored flash string lights quickly for a great visual effect. 5 meters, or 16.4 feet.
In stock
Vanishing Coin from Hanky
The coin vanishes when placed in the handkerchief.
In stock
Astonishing Mind Reading Magic Set - 120 Tricks Magic Kit
Unique magic kit from E-Z Magic! Learn to perform 120 great magic tricks with 18 complete props. Great Holiday, birthday, or general gift of magic for your beginner magician! 7 years+.
In stock
Tenyo Psycho Gravity T-269
The wheel will know where to stop on the ramp.
In stock
Flash String 16 ft - Black
This black colored flash string lights quickly for a great visual effect. 5 meters, or 16.4 feet.
In stock
Magicians Rope 50 ft White - 1/3" No Core
Cotton braided magicians rope, made WITHOUT core. 1/3" (7.5 mm) thick. Soft and very loose. Pure white. Works great for stage or parlor magic.
In stock
Best Sellers
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Clone Card Deck (Joker Magic)
Great card tricks with 3 described routines and one extra combination with the Vanishing Deck.
In stock
Devilish Deck, with DVD, Red - Magic Tao
Learn three tricks: The Devilish Deck Routine; Always a Match; and Twice Foreseen. Red deck. Includes instructional DVD.
In stock
The Royal Road to Card Magic by J. Hugard and F. Brau (Dover)
Hugard and Braue teach cool card magic.
In stock
Stiff Rope - Yellow - Boxed (FT)
This rope can magically become stiff in an instant.
In stock
Psychic Dominoes (FT)
15 engraved regular sized (2″ x 1″ x 0.25″) dominoes with the ESP symbols in a handy carry wallet, and a 16 page booklet of self working routines you can perform with these props.
In stock
Silks - 24" Assorted
Assorted color silks, 24" in size.
In stock
Chop Cup Aluminum (FT)
A metal version of this classic magic trick.
In stock
Bill Tube - Library of Magic Vol. 8
Learn different tricks using the bill tube with this book.
In stock
Happy Birthday Surprise
Two of the tissue paper pieces form into a birthday cake. The effect is similar to Top Hat Surprise, only a Birthday cake is pulled from a Birthday present with a long multi-colored paper chain.
In stock
Wagner, More Commercial Magic - DVD
Wagner teaches close up magic and bar tricks.
Out of Stock