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Puppet Prophet or Jesus 28"
A puppet of Jesus, 28 inches in height.
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Vanishing Candles – Plastic – Green
A 14" green candle that can vanish instantly.
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SvenPad® Ultimate Edition
Hot seller! Clever 15 minute show in your pocket! New awesome edition of the popular SvenPad®. Totally unique to make your performance mind frying. MAP is $85. Recent retail release, and already sold out at some new release dealers.
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Flash String 16 ft - Black
This black colored flash string lights quickly for a great visual effect. 5 meters, or 16.4 feet.
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Zombie Ball - Metal (FT)
Spun metal ball about 5.5 inches in diameter, with gimmick and detailed instructions. No strings or attachments required.
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Joker Magic Chinese Coin Color Change
A black Chinese coin turns red, then blue in the magician's hand!
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Linking and Blending Ropes (FT)
This is a potpourri of magical effects with large brightly patterned ropes. The performer links 2, then 3 rope loops. He next makes a large double size, then triple size ring with 3 knots on it. Ends with a large long rope, 9 feet long.
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Easy Come, Easy Go - Buddha Papers Mystery
Fold the pieces of colored paper around the money, unfold them and the money is gone! Classic Buddha Papers Mystery trick in nice retail package.
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Bicycle Rainbow Gilded Unicorn Deck
Exclusive limited edition Bicycle Unicorn Rainbow Gilded playing cards. Embossed glitter tuck with a surprise rainbow print on the inside, silver/rainbow gilded edges and a foil closure seal.
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Flash String 16 ft - Blue
This blue colored flash string lights quickly for a great visual effect. 5 meters, or 16.4 feet.
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Malini Egg Bag and DVD - Red Bag (Bazar de Magia)
An egg vanishes and is then produced from a previously examined empty bag. Includes high quality silk Malini style egg bag, DVD with routine and explanations, and instructions on how to make your own blow egg. Red color bag.
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Flosso Penny Buster
Turn a penny into two mini pennies.
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Adult Novelties
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Pirate Lady Eye Patch
Become a sexy pirate lady with this great looking costume accessory. Fabric eye patch with black lace and bow. Great for Halloween or dress-up party.
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Squirt Toilet Seat Gag
Fill bulb with water, attach the gag under the toilet seat, and the person who sits down will get a blast of cool water on their behind.
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Grow a Boyfriend
If you can't get a date, then grow a perfect mate! Just add water. Minimum 12 total. Grow a Girlfriend is sold separately.
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Striptease Pen - Male
Turn the pen upside down, and the great looking man undresses! Female is sold separately.
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Panties Gift Bag
Plastic bag, with lace around the edge, shaped like ladies panties. Approximately 8" across at the top, narrowing to about 3" at the bottom. Can be used for litter, or as a gift bag.
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Beer Key Bottle Opener
A real bottle opener, shaped like a key, to add to your keychain. Blister card.
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Grow a Girlfriend
If you can't get a date, then grow a perfect mate! Just add water. Minimum 12 total. Grow a Boyfriend is sold separately.
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Cat of 9 Tails - Large
Total length is 26". Handle is 8" with 1" diameter, fringe is 18".
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Black Light UV Bulb - Each or Display of 25
Black Light Bulb emits ultraviolet light that turns fluorescent colors luminous & makes white objects glow an eerie purple. 75 watt, 120 volt standard light bulb. Priced each, or discount for display of 25.
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Tattoo - Body Bands - Garter, Skull, Flowers
Body Band Tattoos: Choose from realistic looking Garter, Skull, or Flowers. Each includes 2 tattoos. Made in the USA.
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Toilet Bug - BP
This fake bug will get a rise out of people.
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Funny Toilet Paper - Obama
Actual toilet paper with President Barack Obama's face printed on it.
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Surprising Girls (VDF)
Choose one of the girls to have a date, but a mystery date emerges.
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Quick Dress Change Picture  (FT)
Cover with a silk, or with a wave of your hand, make the woman's outfits in the picture quickly change from formal to casual. No need to turn picture around or over. 9.75″ high and 7.25″ wide.
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Fake Beer
Fool your friends with what looks like real beer but tastes like dirty dishwater!
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Bang Toilet Seat
Unleash a loud bang when the toilet seat is lifted.
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Magic Ding Dong (Goshman)
A magic trick for adults, a foam model of certain male parts.
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Filthy Phrases
Hide this remote controlled device to have Filthy Phrases say all those Filthy Phrases that you'd rather not say yourself. Hide the sound box, then press the remote control at will. Works up to 50 feet away, and works through walls.
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Ice Cube with Insect
Stick these fake ice cubes in a drink, even though there is a bug in them.
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Squirt Toilet Seat
Whoever lifts the seat will be sprayed with water.
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No Tear Toilet Paper Roll
This toilet paper WILL NOT rip.
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Inflatable Judy Doll
Inflatable female blow-up doll, about 5 feet tall. Not anatomically correct.
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Whip Bull Leather 6 ft
6 foot black leather whip.
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Laughing Magic Mirror with Sound
This mirror will laugh at whoever looks in it. 8.5" motion activated mirror.
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Puff Cigarettes King Size 2 pc - Dozen
Large cigarettes that actually make smoke, producing the illusion of a burning cigarette. Blister pack of 2 pc. Pack of 12 sets.
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Weepy the Wee Wee 7.5" Squirt Boy
This guy squirts water when you remove his pants. 7.5" squirt boy.
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Bug in Ice Cube for Adult Beverages - Display of 36
A fake bug is inside a fake amber colored ice cube. Perfect to drop in your unsuspecting friend's adult beverage. Display of 36 pieces.
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Striptease Pen - Female
Turn the pen upside down, and a great looking female undresses! Male is available, too.
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Inflatable John Doll
Inflatable male blow-up doll, approximately 5 feet tall. Not anatomically correct.
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Pocket Bathing Beauty  (FT)
Performer displays a paddle with a picture of a dressed lady on the beach. A magic pass and she is in a one piece swimsuit. Performer attempts to make the swim suit vanish, but the tides rescue her modesty! Paddle is handed to spectator for a surprise.
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What I Know about Women
A blank book that every married person will understand.
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Fake Bed Bugs
Freak out your friends with these fake bugs in their bed.
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Funny Toilet Paper - Money
Toilet paper resembles money. 3 ply tissue / 200 printed sheets per roll.
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Adult Novelties