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Scarnes Magic Tricks by J. Scarne
BK14862 (L11-1-4)
Learn over 200 magic tricks.
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Magicians Rope - Soft 50 ft - Fluorescent Yellow UV (FT)
21205 (M13-5-2)
50 foot fluorescent yellow colored rope. Appears extra bright under normal lighting, and will glow under black light or light with rich Ultra Violet content.
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Tenyo Psycho Gravity T-269
The wheel will know where to stop on the ramp.
In Stock
Astonishing Mind Reading Magic Set - 120 Tricks Magic Kit
21138 (M28-2-1.M29-2-1)
Unique magic kit from E-Z Magic! Learn to perform 120 great magic tricks with 18 complete props. Great Holiday, birthday, or general gift of magic for your beginner magician! 7 years+.
In Stock
Water Suspension Vase (Wonder)
Cover the the vase with the plastic card provided, or any waterproof card, turn it over... and the liquid does not come out! The trick is nearly self working, and provides plenty of opportunities for comedy. Supplied complete.
In Stock
Silk Blow Prediction (FT)
The silk will have an image of the selected card on it.
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Greater Magic Video Library - Charlie Miller and Johnny Thompson - Vol. 29
Greater Magic Video Library. Miller and Thompson demonstrate International Cups and Balls, Egg Bags and Cards.
In Stock
DLite Regular Pairs - Dazzle Ultra Bright Blue
Your hands appear to be empty, yet bright flashing lights appear and disappear at your command. D'Lite Dazzle is stunning. If you thought D'Lite got attention, wait until you see Dazzle. One pair - blue.
In Stock
SvenPad® Ultimate Edition
Hot seller! Clever 15 minute show in your pocket! New awesome edition of the popular SvenPad®. Totally unique to make your performance mind frying. MAP is $85. Recent retail release, and already sold out at some new release dealers.
In Stock
Zombie Ball - Metal (FT)
Spun metal ball about 5.5 inches in diameter, with gimmick and detailed instructions. No strings or attachments required.
In Stock
Transformation Box - Large Wood (FT)
Large wood transformation drawer box that allows you to perform the usual productions and vanishes, and also to transform or change one SOLID item into another. 10″ long x 6.25″ wide x 7 1/2″ high.
Out of Stock
Flash String - 16 ft - Blue
21217 (F2-4)
This blue colored flash string lights quickly for a great visual effect. 5 meters, or 16.4 feet.
In Stock
Flash String - 16 ft - White
13456 (F2-3)
This string lights quickly for a great visual effect. 5 meters, or 16.4 feet.
In Stock
Amazing Sword Swallowing Mystery (FT)
14188 (M1-8-2)
Be able to swallow an entire three foot sword.
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Bicycle Dice 10 pc Pack
10 pack of high-quality standard size 16mm = 5/8" Bicycle Dice.
20971 (M2-9-1)
In Stock
Bicycle Penguin or Snowman Deck
Penguin Deck or Snowman Deck. Great winter holiday small gift or stocking stuffer! Assorted is 1 of each deck. Limited Quantity.
20970 (M2-6-4)
Out of Stock
Hoyle Holiday Mini Deck - Assorted
Great Stocking Stuffer! 3 assorted 1 11/16" x 2 3/8" mini decks. Hoyle Holiday Standard, Holiday Santa and Holiday The Dog.
20849 (M10-6-2)
In Stock
Merlins Jackpot Cards
The magician shows four cards with pockets, and a coin. After a few failed attempts, he manages to win the jackpot as the cards change.
20686 (M14-5-3)
In Stock
Incredible Shrinking Quarter
Cover the Quarter for only a second with the playing card and it shrinks to a Miniature Quarter in the blink of an eye. You are supplied with a Magnetic Bicycle card, a magnetic Quarter shell coin and a miniature quarter coin.
20574 (O3-1-1)
In Stock
Funny Toilet Paper - Obama
Actual toilet paper with President Barack Obama's face printed on it.
20569 (M9-14-4)
Out of Stock
Ginn, Lost Magic DVD
In Stock
Magis Mentor 2014 Card Trick
Spectator selects 1 of 5 ESP cards, then uses their cell phone to call a number on your business card. A pre-recorded voice mail, or a live person, identifies the ESP card they have selected! Works in the continental US only.
20378 (M13-2-2)
In Stock
Three Degrees Book - Berg
Spectator shuffles and deals 4 sets of cards to spectators. You name every single card in spectator’s hand. There are three self- working versions taught, plus one bonus trick.
BK20232 (L14-2-3)
In Stock
Jumbo Quick Monte Trick by Meir Yedid
A new version of the three card monte.
20203 (M11-10-2)
In Stock
Atomic Glass Penetration
An incredible fast trick. Don't blink!
20120 (M1-16-2)
In Stock
Booked beyond Belief with David Ginn DVD and Book Set
Learn the most effective ways to get paid for your acts.
DVD20070 (R2-3-3)
In Stock
Whacked Book Test by Mark Elsdon
A book for professional magicians to use during their act.
In Stock
Pop Art by Mark Southworth with DVD - Red
Draw a pack of cards onto a sketch pad, then the pack jumps right out from the page! Easy to do. Perfect for all type of shows.
In Stock
Pop Art by Mark Southworth with DVD - Blue
Draw a pack of cards onto a sketch pad, then the pack jumps out from the pad! Easy to do. Perfect for all type of shows.
In Stock
Drink Magic by Michael Lair DVD
Lair teaches 10 visually entertaining tricks.
In Stock
Vanishing Deck - Jumbo
A large version of the deck that can completely disappear.
In Stock
Royal Miracle Magic Bandz
These shaped rubber bands come in six magic-themed shapes for kids. 12 Bandz,2 each of: Bunny rabbit, Top hat, Plus sign (ESP symbol), Heart, Star, 3 of Clubs. Comes complete with ideas for routines.
In Stock
Ginn, Comedy Magic For Pre-Schoolers
Learn routines that can hold the attention of young children under 6. With 3 complete live shows.
In Stock
Nail Writer Anthology by T. Baxter
This mentalism book by Baxter has several ideas for the nail writer.
BK19810 (L9-1-4)
In Stock
Cane to Twin Parasols Umbrella (FT)
A cane transforms into two inverted parasols, which is then used as an interesting display stand for light weight production items in your stage act, platform, cabaret floor, or any place, even when surrounded by the audience.
In Stock
Blue Devil Complete Mascot Costume with Cape and Mask
Deluxe Blue Devil mask and costume for adults. Including latex mask, full body costume, cape with big collar, and shoe covers. One size fits all. Made by Mask Illusions. For Halloween, balloon delivery or whatever devilish needs you have.
In Stock
Bicycle World Series of Poker Deck
A standard deck of cards with the World Series of Poker design.
19657 (M2-4-2)
Out of Stock
David Ginn - Invisible Message DVD - Entertaining and Educating Children with Mental Magic
Learn 15 mental magic tricks. Entertain and educate children with Mental Magic.
In Stock
Rubman, Magic Of Tenkai DVD
Rubman teaches the original magic of Tenkai Ishida.
In Stock
The Classic Green Collection by Lennart Green 6 DVD Set
Green teaches several tricks in this six DVD set.
DVD19527 (R3-1-4)
In Stock
Pablo, Bare Hands Bills Production DVD
Pablo teaches how to make real money appear right in your hand.
In Stock
Golden Shell
The pearl can magically change colors when rubbed.
19284 (M10-18-1)
In Stock
The items in this kit can perform many different magic tricks.
19243 (M10-13-4)
In Stock
Albert, More With Les DVD
Albert teaches lots of different disciplines of magic.
In Stock
Coats, Complete Course In Watch Stealing Vol 2
Coats teaches how to steal watches off of spectators.
In Stock
Coats, Complete Course In Watch Stealing Vol 3
Coats teaches how to steal watches off of spectators.
In Stock
Greater Magic Video Library - Ropes - Vol. 27
Greater Magic Video Library. This DVD focuses on teaching rope magic.
In Stock
Bite Me Card Trick by Paul Gertner
Take a bite out of these cards but fix the one that was signed.
DVD19234 (M2-2-4)
In Stock
Magic from the Overground by P. Hallas
Hallas teaches over 50 mental and close-up magic tricks.
BK19226 (L7-3-4)
In Stock
50 Little Magic Movies with David Ginn DVD
This unique DVD by David Ginn teaches 50 sneaky moves to help improve your magic set. Out of Print.
In Stock
Tenyo Balloon Illusion T-232
Insert a balloon into the tube, and pierce it with two solid spikes. The balloon does not pop, but remains inflated!
In Stock
Kikuchi Fu Fu Card
Select two cards from the deck. Place the cards placed face down, blow gently over one card to another, and... both cards change appearance.
19052 (M11-6-4)
In Stock
Bicycle Prestige 2 Decks Gift Box Set
Set of 2 Poker decks, printed with metallic ink. One gold and one silver, in a beautiful gift box.
Out of Stock
Coin Transformation (Joker Magic)
One coin shrinks and the other vanishes.
In Stock
Retail Display Merchandising Rack Store Fixture
Display your magic products in style! This compact wire rack is convenient for your customers giving them good view of the different merchandise or apparatus. 6 tiers with a total of 36 prongs.
In Stock
Jumbo Eraser - For BIG Mistakes
An oversized eraser with "For Big Mistakes" printed on it. By the dozen or Display of 24.
17280 (M11-10-4)
In Stock
Classic Chop Cup - Aluminum (Bazar de Magia)
An aluminum version of this classic magic trick. Perfectly spun cups, crocheted balls, large load size, cloth carrying bag, great instructions and routines. Measures 3.25 inches tall and 2.75 inches in Diameter at the mouth.
Out of Stock
Four Flusher
A bad poker hand changes to four aces and again to a royal flush.
14251 (M9-11-2)
In Stock
Children Laugh Louder by D. Ginn - Book and DVD Set
Learn a collection of Ginn's best tricks that will maintain kids' attention. Bonus DVD included: "50 Ways to Make Children Laugh" lecture converted to a 2 hour DVD titled "Live Lecture June 1978".
BK17942 (L2-1-3)
In Stock
The Bat Trick Instructional DVD
This DVD teaches many routines including for The Bat prop.
In Stock
A Lifetime of Magic - Jerry Andrus #3 DVD
Andrus teaches some of his greatest magic tricks.
In Stock
A Lifetime of Magic - Jerry Andrus #2 DVD
Andrus teaches some of his greatest magic tricks.
In Stock
Amazing Tricks with Money DVD
This DVD teaches different tricks with money.
In Stock
Greater Magic Video Library - Salvano - Vol. 9
Greater Magic Video Library. Salvano teaches rope magic.
In Stock
Greater Magic Video Library - Shimada - Vol. 3
Greater Magic Video Library. Shimada teaches you how to manipulate thimbles, cards, billiard balls and more.
In Stock
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