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Bicycle Poker Jumbo Index Deck
See your cards better than ever with this quality Bicycle Jumbo Index Card deck.
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Bicycle Dice 10 Pack
10 pack of high-quality Bicycle Dice.
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TRYlogy of Sands of the Desert (Synthetic, Waxed, and Hybrid)
The TRYlogy set includes Synthetic, Waxed, and Hybrid types of the magical-to-watch Sands of the Desert! Three primary colors of sand and complete instructions included.
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Black Water Clear Water
Ordinary water turns eerie black! A wave of the hand, and it turns clear again.
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American Flag Production Silk - 22" x 36" (E-Z)
A large American Flag production silk, 22" x 36". Made of high quality, heavyweight (40 gsm) silk.
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Super Mental Die - Brass (FT)
Performer reveals the number on top of a solid brass metal die after spectator places it in a brass box and hands it over behind performers back. Similar to Color Vision, but better method. Box is not brought to front or looked into. No guess work.
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Color Changing Streamer - 45" Fabric (VDF)
A black scarf quickly changes to a multicolor scarf. Effect can be reversed. 45" x 6".
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Hoyle Waterproof Clear Playing Card Deck
Hoyle brand waterproof playing cards are ultra-durable, waterproof, and make any game more fun by being clear. Perfect for the beach, pool or camping, these cards are well-suited for almost any wet or humid situation.
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Double Sided Coins - Half Dollar - Heads (E-Z)
D20910 *
Never lose a coin toss with this double headed half dollar. Heads on both sides. Very good quality, precision made from two real US half dollars. Polybagged.
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Sven Notes NEON Edition - 3 Post-It style SvenPads®
Being Released at Blackpool 2018! 3 Neon Colored Post-It style note pads that hide the FORCING secrets within! Comes with 3 multi- colored customizable 3" x 3" pads, instructions and routine. Optional recommended Pen.
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DVDs on Magic

D. Robbins and Company has over 300 different DVDs in stock at our incredibly low prices!  Our DVDs cover nearly every discipline of magic on both the amateur and professional level.  Learn rope magic, silk magic, coin magic, thumb tip magic, sleight of hand and much much more.  Some of the greatest magicians in the world help show you how to learn how to become a magician or add a new piece to your current act.

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Vernet Thumbtipedia (DVD and Gimmick)
DVD with more than thirty unique, professional, extremely practical routines, with some really clever methods. Routines ideal for close- up, parlor, stage and bar magic. Includes thumb tip and 90 minute DVD (in English and Spanish).
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Odyssey - Loops Ideas - 2 DVD Set (Bazar de Magia)
Rodrigo Romano surprises us once again with his ideas about Loops®. In these 2 DVDs, he presents 27 effects which you can add to your routines. More than two hours of pure magic using only everyday common objects.
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Messado Linking Rings and DVD Set
Large gauge, small circumference, custom alloy, precision weighted to give an exact center of gravity: black linking rings. Messado performs his full unique routines on his DVD, teaching you each move, in context.
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Signed Quarter To Yarn
A spectator initials their borrowed quarter. You place it in a black cloth, which the spectator holds. When you pull away the cloth, the coin has disappeared. You make it reappear inside a large ball of yarn, within a banded Altoid tin.
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Malini Egg Bag w/ DVD (Bazar De Magia)
An egg vanishes and is then produced from a previously examined empty bag. Includes high quality silk Malini style egg bag, DVD with routine and explanations, and instructions on how to make your own blow egg.
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Joseph, Cheating At Backgammon - DVD
Learn how to cheat at Backgammon!
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Caught Red Handed, with DVD
The marked deck changes color and reveals its secret.
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Merlins Hand Wash DVD
An incredibly insightful DVD to help you master the hand wash.
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Diamond Extra, with DVD
The blank stick magically has diamonds appear on it!
In stock
Jacks in the Box, with DVD
Cards with 10s and Jacks transform into printed Jacks in the box.
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Spider Pen Pro, with DVD (Mesika)
Be able to walk away from the floating bill! From Yigal Mesika.
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Ginn, $2,100 Magic Kit DVD
How to make extra money selling magic after the show, including which tricks work well to sell.
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Ginn, Lost Magic DVD
In stock
Ginn, Kidshow How-2 DVD
One hour teaching video, plus 30-minute live Bag of Magic show. 2 more bonus live clips of David Ginn performing.
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Zucchini, Live DVD
More Secrets for Entertaining Kids aged 2 to 7.
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Daryl Group Session
The magician reveals up to 5 cards, chosen only mentally by members of the audience, to appear from a shuffled deck. Can be examined. Amazing.
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Time Stopper, with DVD
In stock
Wandering Coins, with DVD
In stock
Volcano Dice, with DVD
Magician uses shiny cube to transform one jumbo die into several small dice. Jumbo die has disappeared!
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Medina, At The Table - DVD
Learn the preparations behind an impromptu performance of magic that's ready any time, anywhere, with items available at any table. Included are tricks with bread, salt, pepper, olives, bottles, toothpicks and even human flesh.
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Chinese Coin Vision, with DVD
A collection of half dollar sized Chinese Coins. The colors transform in the palm of your hand. Changes, transformations and even a Chinese Hopping Half routine are possible.
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Tudor, 2013 DVD
Learn sleight of hand from one of the world's best.
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Ring and Spring DVD
This DVD will teach several tricks using the ring and spring.
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Branham, Wanna Bet DVD
20 fun bets to take money off of your friends and family.
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Ackerman, Las Vegas Card Expert - DVD
Ackerman teaches card magic.
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Piercing Pen with DVD and Magic Pen
Stick the pen through the bill but leave no hole. Magic pen included.
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Super (Chop) Cup, with DVD (EZ-X)
A new twist on the old Chop Cup trick. You can turn the cup mouth facing the audience to show there is no ball in the cup, then have the ball appear in the cup. Have it travel from your pocket to cup, or vice versa.
In stock
Cabral, Usual Suspect DVD
Combining strong thinking with sleight-of-hand skill and good old fashioned sneakiness, 2 volume DVD teaches you a slew of sleight of hand tricks.
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Zucchini, Kidshow Rockstar - DVD
Knaus shows you how to be a great kid show performer, with focus on kids age 2-7.
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Peek A Boo Deck with DVD - Red
This DVD will show you how to guess the card without even looking at it.
In stock
Peek A Boo Deck with DVD - Blue
This DVD will show you how to guess the card without even looking at it.
In stock
Ginn, Booked Beyond Belief DVD W/Bonus Book
Learn the most effective ways to get paid for your acts.
In stock
Travelling Deck, with DVD, Blue - Magic Tao
Make almost the whole deck vanish.
In stock
Travelling Deck, with DVD, Red - Magic Tao
Make almost the whole deck vanish.
In stock
Pop Art with DVD, Red - Mark Southworth
Draw a pack of cards onto a sketch pad, then the pack jumps right out from the page! Easy to do. Perfect for all type of shows.
In stock
Pop Art with DVD, Blue - Mark Southworth
Draw a pack of cards onto a sketch pad, then the pack jumps out from the pad! Easy to do. Perfect for all type of shows.
In stock
Poker Fly, with DVD - Mark Southworth
Make the poker chips travel between your hands. A take on the 3 Fly coin magic trick, using poker chips.
In stock
Gobsmacked, with DVD
The name of the spectator will appear on the card.
In stock
ESP Test, with DVD - Magic Tao
Learn three different routines which reveal a chosen card in three different ways. Includes instructional DVD.
In stock
Devilish Deck, with DVD, Red - Magic Tao
Learn three tricks: The Devilish Deck Routine; Always a Match; and Twice Foreseen. Red deck. Includes instructional DVD.
In stock
Devilish Deck, with DVD, Blue - Magic Tao
Learn three tricks: The Devilish Deck Routine; Always a Match; and Twice Foreseen. Includes Blue deck and instructional DVD.
In stock
Branham, Pen Thru Bill, DVD with Pen
Learn how to stick the pen through a bill properly. Locking pen included.
In stock
Rindfleisch, Fracture DVD
Learn 4 tricks using only your hands.
In stock
Lair, Drink Magic - DVD
Lair teaches 10 visually entertaining tricks.
In stock
Nash, Infinity & Beyond - DVD
Nash focuses on two famous tricks, Infinity Control and Tabled Faro Shuffle, but also reveals others.
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Aalto, Magic With Simo Aalto DVD
Learn a collection of easy and fast magic tricks.
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Rubman, Chicken Magic DVD
Magically bring a chicken back from near death.
Out of Stock
Aalto, Perfect Asunder DVD
This DVD teaches you how to rip and restore items.
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