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Tenyo Psycho Gravity T-269
The wheel will know where to stop on the ramp.
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Flosso Two Headed Half Dollar
F20620 *
Never lose a coin toss! A real Kennedy half dollar coin, with heads having the same year on both sides. Best quality.
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Tarantula II (Mesika)
Tarantula II can produce real magic anytime, in any light condition. Operate completely hands-free without any special jewelry or clothing, right under a spectator’s nose, and completely surrounded. Easy to master.
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Flash Cotton 5g - Red Flame - Pack of 6
These balls of cotton quickly light to add a spark to your performance and produce beautiful red flame.
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Flash String 16 ft - Green
This green colored flash string lights quickly for a great visual effect. 5 meters, or 16.4 feet.
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Professional Routine with Ropes by Marko
Famous Panamanian magician Marko reveals his secrets of the professional rope routines. Instructional DVD from Bazar de Magia.
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Flash String 16 ft - Red
This red colored flash string lights quickly for a great visual effect. 5 meters, or 16.4 feet.
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SvenPad® Ultimate Edition
Hot seller! Clever 15 minute show in your pocket! New awesome edition of the popular SvenPad®. Totally unique to make your performance mind frying. MAP is $85. Recent retail release, and already sold out at some new release dealers.
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Bicycle Rainbow Gilded Unicorn Deck
Exclusive limited edition Bicycle Unicorn Rainbow Gilded playing cards. Embossed glitter tuck with a surprise rainbow print on the inside, silver/rainbow gilded edges and a foil closure seal.
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Linking and Blending Ropes (FT)
This is a potpourri of magical effects with large brightly patterned ropes. The performer links 2, then 3 rope loops. He next makes a large double size, then triple size ring with 3 knots on it. Ends with a large long rope, 9 feet long.
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Glitter Ball Production Garland (FT) - 4" Medium
These colorful flower balls on a ribbon will easily fit into your favorite production item. When you pull them out, they open into a glittery array of 5 metallic flowers. Each glitter flower is 4" in diameter.
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Silk Blow Prediction (FT)
The silk will have an image of the selected card on it.
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Gross and Disgusting Novelties, Toys and Gags
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Color, dye, dirty, ink, stink, smell, taste, sour, hot, gross

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Stink Bombs - Carded
Throw one of these on the ground and watch the area clear FAST! Highly pungent smell that will get plenty of reaction! Display of 72, 3 bombs per box.
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Fart Spray (US) - Carded
Fart spray can, individually carded for rack hangars. Made in the USA. Safe, smelly and fun!
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Fart Whistle Horn
This fart horn makes it sound like someone releasing gas.
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Pimples and Warts
Fake pimples and warts designed to fool.
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Squirt Blood 2 oz.
A water-based realistic blood that squirts, gushes and splatters. Flows easily through tubing, then dries like real blood. Water based (not syrup). From Mehron. Remove with soap and water.
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Squirt Blood 0.5 oz.
0.5 oz. realistic blood, by Mehron. Flows easily through tubing, then dries like real blood. Water based (not syrup). Remove with soap and water. Blister card.
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Icky Teeth
Bite down on these Icky Teeth to form to your own teeth! This will gross out your friends. Each one comes in clam shell card. Good for Halloween, or as joke item.
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Garlic Candy
This candy actually tastes like garlic.
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Onion Candy
This candy actually tastes like onions.
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Bacon Candy
This candy actually tastes like bacon.
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Toilet Bug - BP
This fake bug will get a rise out of people.
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Jumbo Cockroach
Cockroach! It's a half a foot long with a suction cup on its belly!
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Number 2 Pencil Poop Emoji - Display of 24
A number two pencil with fake number two on the end. Inspired by the Poop emoji.
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Mega Fart Bomb - Display of 24
This bag will release a repulsive smell.
In stock
Cookie Roach
A harmless joke to gross out your friends.
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Cockroach Chewing Gum
A harmless joke to gross out your friends.
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Mega Whoopee Cushion 17"
A extra large 17" whoopee cushion that can be easily hidden and lets out a loud noise.
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Vomit Drops
This candy tastes like barf.
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Pepper Chewing Gum
This gum has a hot pepper flavor.
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Magnetic Cockroach
A fake cockroach with a magnet.
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Dirty Soap Powder - Pack of 24
Sprinkle this powder on regular soap. Washing with the soap will actually make your 'friends' dirtier.
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Fake Beer
Fool your friends with what looks like real beer but tastes like dirty dishwater!
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Fart Whistle - Pack of 12
This whistle makes it sound like someone releasing gas.
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Hot Pepper Lollipops
These lollipops taste like hot pepper. Harmless fun.
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Hot Toothpicks
These toothpicks packs an extra punch, in the form of heat.
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Sour Orange Juice
Add this orange powder to water and soda and stir, to create an awful tasting orange juice concoction. Harmless and edible.
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Fart Candy
This candy will make people release some gas.
In stock
Ice Cube with Insect
Stick these fake ice cubes in a drink, even though there is a bug in them.
In stock
Fake Barf
A gross gag. A pile of fake vomit.
In stock
Stink  Bombs- Display of 72
Throw one of these on the ground and watch the area clear FAST! Highly pungent smell that will get plenty of reaction! Display of 72 pc, 3 bombs per box.
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Stinko Stinkers Cigarette Load
Sneak these into a cigarette to add a horrible smell and taste.
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Fart Spray (US) - Display of 24
Fart spray can, made in the USA. Safe, smelly and fun! Display of 24 pieces.
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Self Inflating Whoopee Cushion
This whoopee cushion will actually inflate itself. Assorted colors.
In stock
Fart Powder
Harmless fun. Mix with water and whoever drinks will need to release some gas.
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Hot Pepper Tea Bag #115a
This tea bag is actually filled with hot pepper.
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Cockroach Joke  - Carded
This fake cockroach looks incredibly real. Minimum 24.
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Fart Bomb Bag - Display of 72
Simply squeeze this fart bag and get ready for some rancid odor. Within 3-5 seconds, the bag will burst into a gaseous explosion of sound and stink. 72 pieces in colorful display box.
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Soap Flavored Candy
Yummy on the outside, but you can tell when they're getting to the inside by the look on their face! It tastes like soap!
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Pungency Coffee
Add this to make your friend's coffee taste awful.
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Spanish Dog Doo
Fake dog poop. Looks very realistic.
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Stink Perfume
This perfume exudes a horrific smell.
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Instant Worms
The pellet turns into a worm when placed in water.
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Whoopee Cushion 8" - Box of 24
This whoopee cushion will surprise the person that sits on it.
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Fish Flavored Candy
This gross candy tastes like fish.
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Color Tap Water #119a
These tablets change the color of your water, 3 included.
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Belch Powder
Harmless fun that makes your friends need to burp repeatedly.
In stock
Dog Gon It - Best #2
Fake dog poop.
In stock
Rubber Lifelike Mouse
The mouse looks so real!
In stock
Fart Lollipops
This harmless lollipop will cause you to release some unwanted gas.
In stock
Concentrated Milk (No Samples)
Can be made to look like milk by just adding water.
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Fish Flavored Lollipops
A lollipop that tastes like a fish.
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