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Desire Test (Astor)
The Mentalist predicts the dominant desire of the spectator from amongst large picture cards previously shown to the spectator, using a transparent envelope and a whiteboard marker. Easy to learn.
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Tarantula II  (Mesika)
Tarantula II can produce real magic anytime, in any light condition. Operate completely hands-free without any special jewelry or clothing, right under a spectator’s nose, and completely surrounded. Easy to master.
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Messado Linking Rings and DVD Set
Large gauge, small circumference, custom alloy, precision weighted to give an exact center of gravity: black linking rings. Messado performs his full unique routines on his DVD, teaching you each move, in context.
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SvenPad® Elegance Rhodia Edition (Single):  NEW RELEASE!
The world's best forcing pads. Genuine Rhodia® memo pads made into SvenPads. Pages feel feather light and supple smooth, flip effortlessly. (4 x 6"/10.5 x 14.8 cm) Comes elegantly boxed, and includes a Uni-ball Signo gel ink pen.
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Signed Quarter To Yarn
A spectator initials their borrowed quarter. You place it in a black cloth, which the spectator holds. When you pull away the cloth, the coin has disappeared. You make it reappear inside a large ball of yarn, within a banded Altoid tin.
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SvenPad Bookstyle - Sidebound (Pair of Black & Green): NEW release!
The just released SvenPad® Bookstyle opens like a book, has a metal wire binding, a new cover design, and a larger writing area. 4" x 6". One black & one green pad in each package, with instructions. Optional recommended Pen.
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SvenPad® Original Stage Size (Pair)
A customizable FORCING utility device! The original SvenPad® Stage Size looks identical to the Svenpad Pocket Size, but is larger, for use on stage or cabaret. 8" x 5.5". Two pads in each package, with instructions. Optional recommended Pen.
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Ghost Cash - $, € or £ (Astor)
With the help of this prop, you can "visually print” an examinable real banknote. Easy to do. Choose from 3 currencies: $20 U.S., Euro €20 or £20 British versions.
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Black Holes Prediction (Astor)
Spectator chooses 2 cards, then places a transparent plexi sheet over each (black circle and triangle). Magician takes 2 cards from PREDICTION envelope. It matches chosen cards AND geometric shape! No sleight of hand. Works with any deck.
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Magic Pencil (Astor)
Magician uses pencil to pierce and then tear in half a borrowed bill, then restores bill. Next, the magician slowly and visibly penetrates the banknote with pencil. Restored again. Easy to do.
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Fire Magic
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Dlite - Regular Pairs - Yellow (Ultra Bright)
D'Lite Yellow is a perfect addition to any magic act using fire and flames or looking for a substitute for fire. D'Lite Yellow used with a candle or a match can entertain right at the dinner table. D'Lite is a a perfect companion for fire Magic.
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Inferno Fire Wallet (TM)
The wallet can have a burst of flames before becoming a normal wallet.
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Flash Paper - Colored Assortment (Pack of 6)
A variety of flash paper to add a spark to your routine. Six 8" x 10” sheets: 1 sheet each of black, red, green, violet, orange and blue.
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Flash Poker Card (Ten Pack)
A seemingly normal poker card is actually well-disguised flash paper.
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Flash US Dollar Bills
These real looking bills can light up in a flash.
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Hot Wallet - Real Leather  (FT)
A flame will quickly shoot out of this wallet.
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Lit Candle To Twinkling Christmas Tree (FT)
The candle will transform into a lit up Christmas tree.
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Magic Fire Wallet (TM)
This wallet will explode into flames without warning.
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Flash Paper - 4 Sheets Per - Black
Four sheets of black paper that can burst into flames.
F18756 *
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Flash Paper - 4 Sheets Per - Red
Four sheets of red paper that can burst into flames.
F18755 *
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Flash Paper - 4 Sheets Per - Green
Four sheets of green paper that can burst into flames.
F18754 *
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Third Degree Burn
The prediction will appear burned on your finger tips.
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Finger Flasher - Large
This device allows you to create a flash instantly from your hand.
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Fire Can (FT)
First the can releases a flame, then water, then an assortment of gifts.
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Traveling Flame
The magician can lift the flame right off of the table.
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Flash Cotton
These balls of cotton quickly light to add a spark to your performance.
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Brass Fickle Fire
Magically make fire appear from the palm of your hand.
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Flaming Torch To Cane (FT)
This flaming torch will magically turn into a cane.
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Flash Strips - 4 oz bag
These strips will light up the stage when lit.
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Flash Paper  - 4 Sheets per bag - white
This flash paper will light up the stage when lit. Four 8" x 10" sheets.
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Flint Flasher (MMC)
This gadget can help you create a flame to draw the audience's attention.
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Dragons Breath - Bottle
This will allow you to seemingly shoot fire from your fingers.
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Flame Wallet - Brown (China)
Flames shoot our of your wallet before transforming into money.
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Flaming Silk/Ball Production Casket - Small (FT)
A match turns into a ball while in the casket.
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Topi Flasher Gimmick (FT)
Create a dramatic flash when performing a trick.
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Flash Cord - 10 Foot
10 feet in length. A stronger version of flash string.
F17834 *
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Flash Paper Tips
Robson and Read teach flash paper magic.
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Flash Paper Book #19
Learn 15 magic tricks using flash paper.
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Finger Flasher - Small
Show your hands as empty and then produce a spark.
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Fire From Palms Gimmick (FT)
Be able to have fire come out of your palms.
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Hot Book - Deluxe (FT)
Flames shoot from the book when it's opened.
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Flash Pads - 20 Sheets Per Pad
The sheet will light at your fingertips. 20 sheets come in each pad.
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Smoking The Thumb  (FT)
Seemingly blow smoke right from your thumb.
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Flash Paper - Bulk (Pack Of 100)
Flash paper will light up the stage when lit. Pack of 100 8" x 10" sheets. (Discount for 5 packs or more.)
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Hot Book - Bible (FT)
This book, tiled BIBLE, bursts into flames at random.
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Thumb Tip Flasher (FT)
A flame shoots out of this fake thumb tip.
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Flaming Silk/Ball Prod. Casket - Lg (FT)
The fire in the case turns into sponge balls and silks.
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Multiplying Candles - Large (Set Of 2) (FT)
Magically turn one candle into two, four or eight!
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