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Tricky Dogs - Royal
21556 (M18-4-3)
One of the best-selling novelty items of all time! Two magnetic Scottie Dogs amuse, confuse and confound. Watch them repel each other, attract each other, and chase each other as you push them around the table.
In Stock
Coin Slide - Empire
21547 (M5-10-4)
Change, vanish, or make a coin appear.
In Stock
Jumbo Svengali Deck - Bicycle (Empire)
21587 (M11-9-2)
Svengali Deck - Bicycle, Jumbo size for performing on stage or in front of large audiences.
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Jumbo Imp Bottle (Wood) - Collector's Edition (FT)
21508 (M11-10-2)
This is a large model (approximately 4 inches), turned in mahogany, and a quality prop for those that prefer a deluxe hand crafted model of the magical classic imp bottle.
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Bean and Bottle - Royal
21501 (M17-4-4)
The magician places a hoop on top of a bottle, which may be borrowed. On top of the hoop is perched a bean. The object is to get the bean to fall into the bottle. Only the magician can make the bean fall into the bottle!
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Selected Card Across (FT)
21525 (M18-11-3)
A very direct “Selected Card Across” effect where a selected card travels from one pile to the other. This is a classic of magic, with many methods, but this version using special cards requires no sleights, forces, or controlled choices.
In Stock
Coin Purse - Leather
20874 (M5-9-2)
This Goshman black genuine leather coin purse measures 2.25 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide at the base. Elegant locking mechanism is hidden inside the purse.
In Stock
Tarbell Complete Course in Magic - Vol. 1-8 (Lessons 1-103, 3 Indexes)
BK19179 (kit)
The full 8 volume set of the "Tarbell Course in Magic" by Harlan Tarbell. Includes Lessons 1-103. Volume 7 contains 'The Last Word,' a Title Index, a Name Index and a Category Index for Volumes 1-7. MAP price: $249.95
In Stock
Storage Box for 12 decks - Cardboard - White (VDF)
21613 (M21-17-2)
A practical cardboard box, useful for storing and protecting your favorite playing cards! The box allows you to comfortably store up to 12 decks of poker- sized cards.
In Stock
Dirty Face and Hand Soap - Pack of 12
21522 (M7-3-3)
The old dirty soap gag. They think they're getting clean but the soap makes them dirty!
In Stock
Problema - With Leather Dice Cup (VDF)
21559 (M16-13-3)
A baffling effect! You show a box with six dice with different numbers visible on top. After covering the box, another die is rolled. Let's say the number is 3. You remove the cover and all the dice show 3! This version includes a dice cup.
In Stock
Tarbell Course in Magic - Vol. 1 (Lessons 1-19)
BK10171 (L13-1-1.R46-F)
Volume 1 of 8 of the definitive course on the teachings of Tarbell. MAP price: $26.95.
In Stock
Storage Box for 12 decks - Transparent (VDF)
21566 (M21-17-2)
A practical transparent plastic box, useful for storing and protecting your favorite playing cards! The box allows you to comfortably store up to 12 decks of poker- sized cards.
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Fire Magic
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Flash Paper - White - Pack of 6 (4 Sheets Per Pack) (PM)
6 packs (4 sheets per pack) of regular quality (thin) white flash paper that bursts into flame when lit.
Out of Stock
Flash Paper - White - Bulk Pack of 100 Sheets (PM)
100 sheets of extra specially treated, regular quality (thin) white flash paper that bursts into flames when lit.
Out of Stock
Flash Paper - Premium White - Bulk Pack of 4 Sheets (PM)
Four sheets of premium quality (thick) white flash paper that bursts into flame when lit.
In Stock
Torch To Bouquet (FT)
The magician walks on stage holding a burning torch. She covers it with a tube and magically the torch vanishes and a beautiful bouquet appears in her hand.
21582 (M23-12-4)
In Stock
Flash Dollar Bills - Canadian $5 Half - Pack of 10
Real looking dollar bills made of flash paper. 10 Canadian 5 dollar half bills. Each bill 2.5" x 3". Other denominations sold separately. NOTE: Specify left half (with face/portrait of the Prime Minister) or right half (with Mackenzie Tower).
21280 (F7-3)
In Stock
Smoke Screen Smoke Fluid
Extra smoke fluid supply for MagicSmith Smoke Screen. The bottle contains 15 ml of fluid.
21259 (M19-8-4)
In Stock
Flash Cotton 5g - Red Flame - Pack of 6
These balls of cotton quickly light to add a spark to your performance and produce beautiful red flame.
21181 (F3-3.4)
Out of Stock
Flash Pads - 20 Sheets per Pad - Sparkle - Pack of 12
Sparkle up your fire magic even more with these awesome flash pads. The sheet will light at your fingertips. 20 sheets come in each pad. Pack of 12 pads.
21180 (F3-2)
In Stock
Flash String - 16 ft - Red Flame
This string lights quickly for a great visual effect - red flame. 5 meters, or 16.4 feet.
21177 (F3-1)
In Stock
MagicSmith Smoke Screen
New concept in smoke magic - a tiny and silent device that reliably produces clouds of smoke whenever you need them.
21167 (M-13-12-4)
Out of Stock
Flash Dollar Bills - Canadian $20 Full - Pack of 5
These real looking dollar bills made of flash paper will light up in a flash. Full size Canadian $20 bills. Other denominations of US and Canadian dollar bills are sold separately. Pack of 5.
21091 (F7-3)
In Stock
Flash Paper - 4 Sheets Per - Blue
Four sheets of blue colored flash paper that can burst into flames.
20857 (F1-4)
In Stock
Flash Paper - 4 Sheets Per - Orange
Four sheets of orange colored flash paper that can burst into flames.
20856 (F2-1)
In Stock
Flash Paper - 4 Sheets Per - Brown
Four sheets of brown colored flash paper that can burst into flames.
20855 (F1-1)
In Stock
Razed - Instant Lighter Transposition
An instant lighter transposition. Razed is a clever gimmick enabling you to perform color changes and transpositions. Made to work with any miniature Bic lighter. Great for close up and manipulation acts. Easy to perform; instant re-set.
20775 (M17-12-3)
In Stock
Inferno Fire Wallet (TM)
The wallet opens to a burst of flames before becoming a normal wallet.
20762 (M10-1-3)
In Stock
Flash Paper - Colored Assortment - Pack of 6
A variety of flash paper to add a spark to your routine. Six 8" x 10" sheets: 1 sheet each of violet, brown, orange, blue, pink and yellow. Not permitted to ship via air.
20586 (F2-1)
In Stock
Finger Flasher (Ickle Pickle)
This is a two finger model from which you can produce a startling flash from a seemingly empty hand. A safe method for lighting flash cotton at close range, to produce a flame from within your hand.
20478 (M8-4-2)
Out of Stock
Rising Matchbox Plus (FT)
The drawer and matchsticks rise out of the box and sink back at the performer’s command.
19664 (M17-8-2)
In Stock
Hot Wallet - Real Leather (FT)
A flame will quickly shoot out of this wallet.
19513 (M10-8-3)
In Stock
Magic Fire Wallet (TM)
This wallet will explode into flames without warning.
18849 (M12-14-2)
In Stock
Flash Paper - 4 Sheets Per - Black
Four sheets of black paper that can burst into flames.
18756 (F1-3)
Out of Stock
Finger Flasher - Large
This device allows you to create a flash instantly from your hand. Large version has an extra load capacity. Flash cotton sold separately.
18240 (M8-4-3)
In Stock
Fire Can (FT)
First the can releases a flame, then water, then an assortment of gifts.
18139 (M8-3-3)
In Stock
Flames at Fingertips (FT)
Be able to produce flames from your fingertips.
11536 (M8-1-3)
In Stock
Traveling Flame
The magician can lift the flame right off of the table.
12037 (M23-10-3)
In Stock
Flaming Torch to Cane (FT)
This flaming torch will magically turn into a cane.
12229 (M8-1-1)
Out of Stock
Dragon's Breath - Bottle
This solution will allow you to seemingly shoot fire from your fingers.
17891 (M7-12-3)
In Stock
Flame Wallet Brown
Flames shoot our of your wallet before transforming into money.
15276 (M8-1-3)
Out of Stock
Flaming Silk or Ball Production Casket - Small (FT)
A match turns into a ball while in the casket.
17844 (M8-1-1)
In Stock
Topi Flasher Gimmick (FT)
Create a dramatic flash of fire when performing a trick. This is a sturdy metal gimmick, designed to be used with flash paper or flash cotton (sold separately). It can be used as a finger clipped gimmick, or a pull.
T14799 (M23-13-1)
Out of Stock
Flash Paper Tips by S. Robson and R. W. Read
Robson and Read teach flash paper magic.
BK14542 (L5-1-2.L23-2-1)
In Stock
Finger Flasher - Small
Show your hands empty and then produce a spark. Flash cotton sold separately.
9442 (M8-4-3)
In Stock
Mystic Smoke - BP
Rub together between your fingers and make 'smoke' appear.
Out of Stock
Fire from Palms Gimmick (FT)
Two special gimmicks, one for each hand. With the help of these, you produce fire from your palms. Transfer the flame from one hand to the other, or magically extinguish it, and produce it as often as you wish. Requires handling care.
10300 (M8-3-2)
In Stock
Hot Book - Deluxe (FT)
Flames shoot from the book when it's opened.
17909 (M10-10-3)
In Stock
Torch to Rose  (FT)
Magically turn a lit torch into a rose.
T11020 (M23-12-4)
In Stock
Lit Match Producer (FT) - Set of 4
Be able to produce a lit match on command. Set of 4, with instructions.
10927 (M11-1-4)
In Stock
Smoking The Thumb (FT)
Form your hand into a fist, with the thumb sticking out, like a pipe. Suck on your thumb and blow out clouds of real smoke right from your thumb. Then show your hands empty. Made in wood and copper.
11584 (M19-8-4)
In Stock
Hot Book - Bible (FT)
This book, titled BIBLE, bursts into flames at random.
19117 (M10-10-3)
In Stock
Thumb Tip Flasher (FT)
A flame shoots out of this fake thumb tip.
In Stock
Flaming Silk / Ball Production Casket - Large (FT)
The fire in the case turns into sponge balls and silks.
18561 (M8-1-2)
In Stock