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SvenPad® Ultimate Edition
Hot seller! Clever 15 minute show in your pocket! New awesome edition of the popular SvenPad®. Totally unique to make your performance mind frying. MAP is $85. Recent retail release, and already sold out at some new release dealers.
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Greater Magic Video Library - Charlie Miller and Johny Thompson - Vol. 29
Greater Magic Video Library. Miller and Thompson demonstrate International Cups and Balls, Egg Bags and Cards.
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Tarbell Course in Magic - Vol. 1 (Lessons 1-19)
10171 (L13-1-1.R46-F)
Volume 1 of 8 of the definitive course on the teachings of Tarbell. MAP price: $26.95.
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Linking and Blending Ropes (FT)
20891 (M11-3-1)
This is a potpourri of magical effects with large brightly patterned ropes. The performer links 2, then 3 rope loops. He next makes a large double size, then triple size ring with 3 knots on it. Ends with a large long rope, 9 feet long.
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Flash String - 16 ft - Blue
21217 (F2-4)
This blue colored flash string lights quickly for a great visual effect. 5 meters, or 16.4 feet.
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Magicians Rope - 50 ft White 1/3" No Core
21203 (M13-5-2)
Cotton braided magicians rope, made WITHOUT core. 1/3" (7.5 mm) thick. Soft and very loose. Pure white. Works great for stage or parlor magic.
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Tenyo Psycho Gravity T-269
The wheel will know where to stop on the ramp.
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Magicians Rope - Soft 50 ft - Fluorescent Orange UV (FT)
21204 (M13-5-3)
50 foot fluorescent orange colored rope. Appears extra bright under normal lighting, and will glow under black light or light with rich Ultra Violet content.
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Easy Come, Easy Go - Buddha Papers Mystery
21002 (M7-16-3)
Fold the pieces of colored paper around the money, unfold them and the money is gone! Classic Buddha Papers Mystery trick in nice retail package.
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Tarantula II (Mesika)
Tarantula II can produce real magic anytime, in any light condition. Operate completely hands-free without any special jewelry or clothing, right under a spectator’s nose, and completely surrounded. Easy to master.
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Tarbell Complete Course in Magic - Vol. 1-8 (Lessons 1-103, 3 Indexes)
19179 (kit)
The full 8 volume set of the "Tarbell Course in Magic", by Harlan Tarbell. Includes Lessons 1-103. Volume 7 contains 'The Last Word', a Title Index, a Name Index and a Category Index for Volumes 1-7. MAP price: $249.95
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Amazing Sword Swallowing Mystery (FT)
14188 (M1-8-2)
Be able to swallow an entire three foot sword.
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Flash Cotton 5g - Red Flame - Pack of 6
21181 (F3-3.4)
These balls of cotton quickly light to add a spark to your performance and produce beautiful red flame.
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Silk Blow Prediction (FT)
The silk will have an image of the selected card on it.
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Joke Novelties, Gags and Funny Tricks
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Jokes and Novelties not otherwise categorized.  Balloons, clown, giant, itch, jump, props, squirt, surprise, and much more.

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Fake Rubber Chocolate Donut
Treat your friends with this realistic looking rubber donut. About 3.25" in diameter. Fun and harmless prank or pretend play item.
21260 (M8-10-4)
Out of Stock
Double Sided Coins - Dime - Tails
A double tailed dime.
21234 (O4-3-4)
In Stock
Rattleback Puzzle - PBI (FT) - Pack of 12
Popular scientific novelty. The rattleback will stop and spin in the opposite direction on its own. One dozen polybags with individual instructions.
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Christmas Stocking Stuffers Joke Assortment 10 pc Kit
Give the gift of laughter to young and old with this X-mas stocking filled with an assortment of joke novelties. Assortment of 10 novelties and jokes. Ages 3+.
21126 (M28-13-1)
In Stock
Squirt Toilet Seat Gag - Pack of 12
Fill bulb with water, attach the gag under the toilet seat, and the person who sits down will get a blast of cool water on their behind. Pack of 12 blister cards.
21135 (M20-13-3)
In Stock
Trick Nail - Nail through Phone or Object
Make it look like someone put a nail through your cell phone, cup or any other object. 4.75" long.
In Stock
Funny Realistic Eyeballs
Eyeball pizza topping anyone? Eyeball in a drink? These realistic eyeballs are perfect for a prank.
21063 (M9-13-1)
In Stock
Spider Rings 24 pc Polybag with Header
Spider rings are popular Halloween party favors or costume accessories. 24 adjustable size rings in a display bag.
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Panties Gift Bag
Plastic bag, with lace around the edge, shaped like ladies panties. Approximately 8" across at the top, narrowing to about 3" at the bottom. Can be used for litter, or as a gift bag.
In Stock
Bicycle Dice 10 pc Pack
10 pack of high-quality standard size 16mm = 5/8" Bicycle Dice.
20971 (M2-9-1)
In Stock
Jumbo Coins - Sacagawea Dollar
Oversized 3" Sacagawea Dollar, made of plated zinc.
20975 (M11-10-4)
In Stock
Super Jumbo Cards - 10" x 14"
These oversized cards have both a funny and practical use. Complete set of 52 cards, 10" x 14", boxed.
In Stock
Potato Chip Snake Can
This can of potato chips has hidden snakes inside.
20916 (M16-11-2)
In Stock
Hoyle 6 in 1 Fun Pack
All new look to your favorite childhood games! Lots of fun, all in one. Go Fish, Slap Jack, Memory, Matching, Old Maid, and Crazy Eights. Appropriate for players as young as 3!
20912 (M10-6-1)
In Stock
Double Sided Coins - Half Dollar - Tails (E-Z)
Never lose a coin toss with this double headed half dollar. Heads on both sides. Very good quality, precision made from two real US half dollars. Polybagged.
20911 (O1-3-4)
Out of Stock
Double Sided Coins - Half Dollar - Heads (E-Z)
Never lose a coin toss with this double headed half dollar. Heads on both sides. Very good quality, precision made from two real US half dollars. Polybagged.
20910 (O1-3-3)
In Stock
Mirror Disco Ball - Mini
Mini Mirror disco ball, 4" diameter. Made with real mirror, and a hard plastic ball interior. Comes attractively boxed. Limited stock.
20894 (M14-12-2)
In Stock
Magnetic Word Play
PG-Rated Adult Refrigerator Magnetic Word Play, with over 100 words.
20861 (M13-1-1)
In Stock
Christmas Stocking 14 Pranks Kit
A great gift: a hangable Christmas stocking with 14 classic pranks inside.
20837 (M28-12-1)
In Stock
Riding Crop
Riding Crop is 24.5" long. Good for Halloween costumes or parties.
In Stock
Pacifier - Billy Bob Teeth Thumb Sucker
Billy Bob Pacifier that looks like adult teeth. Genuine pacifier complies with EEC Directive. Each one comes in clam shell card. Good for Halloween, or as joke item for 1 month-99 years old.
In Stock
Fx Transfers - Nailed, Devil Horns, Zipper Face, Frank-N-Bolts
FX Transfers include pieces to attach to your face. Choose from realistic looking Nailed (through face), Devil Horns, Zipper Face, Frank-N-Bolts. Made in the USA by Tinsley Transfers.
20796 (M9-15-4)
In Stock
Giant Pencil
This oversized 13.5" real working pencil has both magic and practical use. Minimum 4, or choose Display of 12.
20748 (M9-17-2)
In Stock
Cracked Cell Phone Screen
Trick your friends into thinking their phone is broken.
20643 (M6-16-3)
In Stock
Flosso Two Headed Half Dollar
Never lose a coin toss! A real Kennedy half dollar coin, with heads having the same year on both sides. Best quality.
20620 (O2-2-4)
In Stock
Secret Message Pen - Display of 12
With the correct lighting you can read secret messages.
In Stock
Funny Toilet Paper - Obama
Actual toilet paper with President Barack Obama's face printed on it.
20569 (M9-14-4)
In Stock
Magicians Joke Routine Props - PINK I (Pink Eye)
50 pink I sponge letters to give out during your routine.
20531 (M13-7-1)
In Stock
Magicians Joke Routine Props - Sponge Red Letter E - RED E (Ready)
Get RED-E for magic and fun with this magician prop! Sponge letter 'E' for your magic show. Bag of 50 foam letters.
20491 (M13-7-2)
In Stock
Magicians Joke Routine Props - BLACK I (Black Eye)
50 black I sponge letters to give out during your routine.
20489 (M13-7-1)
In Stock
Magicians Joke Routine Props - Green Sponge Letter B - FREE Bs (Freebies)
Get some freebies! Or free letter 'B's, made of quality sponge by Gosh. Green color magician prop. Pack of 50 pieces.
20488 (M13-7-3)
Out of Stock
Magicians Joke Routine Props - Red Sponge Letter B - FREE Bs (Freebies)
Everyone loves freebies. Magician can get you one! Oops, it is a surprising one - sponge letter B. Pack of 50. Red.
20487 (M13-7-2)
Out of Stock
Drinking Dipping Dippy Bird
High quality novelty glass Drinking Dipping Dippy Bird.
20475 (M7-14-3)
In Stock
Nail thru Hand Illusion
Make your friends think you managed to nail your own hand.
In Stock
Folding Spoon
This spoon will fold under the pressure of holding up your food. Pack of 12 blister cards.
20273 (M9-9-4)
In Stock
Arrow through Head
This arrow will seemingly have gone through the performer's head.
20331 (M1-15-2)
In Stock
Stretchy 4.5" Slingshot Chicken - Pack of 12
So much fun to shoot this chicken across the room! Pack of 12 blister cards.
In Stock
Number 2 Pencil Poop Emoji - Display of 24
A number two pencil with fake number two on the end. Inspired by the Poop emoji.
In Stock
Dribble Glass (Taiwan) - 8 oz
The user of this 8 ounce real glass will always spill on themselves.
20110 (M7-14-4), R26-1-3)
In Stock
Sixth Little Finger Joke - Pack of 12
This small fake hand attaches to your pinky and becomes a sixth little 'finger'. Watch their surprise as you perform pocket magic. Pack of 12 blister cards.
In Stock
Redneck Jumbo Cigars - Display of 12
An oversized fake cigar. Display of 12 pieces.
20201 (M17-12-2)
In Stock
Cookie Roach - Pack of 12
A harmless joke to gross out your friends. Pack of 12.
20199 (M6-17-2)
In Stock
Cockroach Chewing Gum - Pack of 12
A harmless joke to gross out your friends. Pack of 12 blister cards.
20198 (M5-7-1)
In Stock
Comedy Drop Down Rose (FT)
When one particular member of the audience, or the performer, smells the rose, it just drops off the stem. A comedy prop.
20019 (M5-18-3.M5-18-4)
In Stock
Freaky Foam Lighter  -  Spray Can
This lighter will actually shoot foam.
19897 (M9-12-3)
In Stock
Extendable Number 1 Foam Hand Sign
Support your team with this Number 1 foam hand sign! This "We're # 1" large foam finger can also extend.
In Stock
Phony Squirt - Ketchup
Squirt a red string out of the ketchup bottle. Mustard is available separately.
In Stock
Rattleback Puzzle  - Bulk Pack of 144
Popular scientific novelty. The rattleback will stop and spin in the opposite direction on its own. Pack of 144 pieces with instructions.
In Stock
Pin through Finger
This pin will seem to go right through your finger.
In Stock
Pencil through Finger
This pencil will seem to go right through your finger.
In Stock
Pull Back Spider
Pull back and watch the spider fly across the floor.
In Stock
Gas Price Explosion Gag
A funny gag relating to increasing gas prices.
19224 (M9-15-2)
In Stock
Living Mummy Finger (FT)
The old finger still has some life in it. A spectator is invited to touch the mummy finger and it wiggles, producing a gasp or a laugh.
L19199 (M12-1-2)
In Stock