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Malini Egg Bag and DVD - Red Bag (Bazar de Magia)
An egg vanishes and is then produced from a previously examined empty bag. Includes high quality silk Malini style egg bag, DVD with routine and explanations, and instructions on how to make your own blow egg. Red color bag.
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Tenyo Ultra Gravity Box T-289
The mysterious box that your audience can’t lift. Get ready for laughs of surprise, when your spectator is unable to lift a transparent card box off the table.
In Stock
Tenyo Mystery Blade T-292
A super illusion performed in the palm of your hand. Only one of the mini cards is stabbed by the blade - the spectator's!
In Stock
Tenyo Miracle Fishing T-293
Fish out the chosen card from a paper bag! Miraculously, the rope emerges tied around the selected card!
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Astonishing Mind Reading Magic Set - 120 Tricks Magic Kit
21138 (M28-2-1.M29-2-1)
Unique magic kit from E-Z Magic! Learn to perform 120 great magic tricks with 18 complete props. Great Holiday, birthday, or general gift of magic for your beginner magician! 7 years+.
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Tenyo Super Prediction Card by Tenyo Magic T-288
21354 (M22-6-1)
An amazing prediction trick from Tenyo! Your spectator stops on the card you predicted.
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MagicSmith Double Cross
21168 (M13-12-4)
Designed by Mark Southworth, Double Cross is an awesome close-up or street magic trick. The set includes the Double Cross Sharpie pen, accessories and complete instructions.
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Deck Tailor End Stripper Deck - Bicycle Red - Professional Cut
21357 (M6-3-3)
End stripper deck - professional cut. End strippers are cut on the short sides - the ends - use them for overhand shuffles. (For Hindu shuffles, use our edge strippers.) Bicycle - red.
In Stock
Tenyo Note-A-Bill T-291
Your drawing turns into real currency! Like a dream come true, you can now pluck a drawing of a banknote off the page, visually transforming it into genuine money!
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13 Steps to Mentalism by Corinda
BK14726 (L13-3-2.L35-F.L37-F)
Corinda produced a now classic encyclopedia of mental magic. Topics include Telepathy, precognition, cold reading, hot reading & more. 424 Pages, fully illustrated, hardcover. Printed on high quality 60 lb opaque paper. MAP price: $30.95.
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Deck Tailor Edge Stripper Deck - Bicycle Red - Professional Cut
21355 (M6-3-4)
Edge stripper deck - professional cut. Edge strippers have the traditional cut - use them for Hindu shuffles. (For overhand shuffles, use our end strippers.) Bicycle - red.
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Tarbell Course in Magic - Vol. 1 (Lessons 1-19)
BK10171 (L13-1-1.R46-F)
Volume 1 of 8 of the definitive course on the teachings of Tarbell. MAP price: $26.95.
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Chinese Wallet (FT)
11908 (M4-11-3)
Make items appear, vanish or move to a different side of the wallet.
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Tarbell Complete Course in Magic - Vol. 1-8 (Lessons 1-103, 3 Indexes)
BK19179 (kit)
The full 8 volume set of the "Tarbell Course in Magic", by Harlan Tarbell. Includes Lessons 1-103. Volume 7 contains 'The Last Word', a Title Index, a Name Index and a Category Index for Volumes 1-7. MAP price: $249.95
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Joke Novelties, Gags and Funny Tricks
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Jokes and Novelties not otherwise categorized.  Balloons, clown, giant, itch, jump, props, squirt, surprise, and much more.

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Gas Price Explosion Gag
A funny gag relating to increasing gas prices.
19224 (M9-15-2)
In Stock
Living Mummy Finger (FT)
The old finger still has some life in it. A spectator is invited to touch the mummy finger and it wiggles, producing a gasp or a laugh.
L19199 (M12-1-2)
Out of Stock
Flying Butterfly (Wonder)
This butterfly will pop out of a card, letter or book and up to 20 feet in the air. Use again and again.
19185 (M9-6-2)
In Stock
Pull Back Mouse
This mouse can move on its own when pulled back.
In Stock
Double Sided Coins - Nickel - Heads - Pack of 6
A double headed nickle. Pack of 6 coins.
18226 (O1-3-5)
In Stock
Spy Eyes - Display of 24
It looks like you are looking straight, but you can see sideways. Display of 24 pc.
In Stock
Nibbles Potato Chips Snake Surprise
This can of chips has a hidden snake inside.
In Stock
Bullet thru Window - Pack of 12
The pieces will make it look like a bullet actually hit your window. Pack of 12.
17326 (M3-5-1)
In Stock
Dollar Snatcher - Pack of 12
Magically move the bill before someone can pick it up. Pack of 12.
13261 (M7-8-2)
In Stock
Pride and Joy Cards - Pack of 100
An inside joke for parents, your pride and joy are definitely unique.
In Stock
Stick on Buttocks - Pack of 12
Here's a quickie gag that you can pull anytime, anywhere. Just place it on a chair and when someone sits, they can't get up! Either that, or the chair goes with them! Pack of 12.
In Stock
Surprising Arm Severed Limbs
A fake arm that looks unbelievably real.
17340 (M21-11-1)
In Stock
Squirt Cigarette
These fake cigarettes squirt water.
In Stock
Jumbo Eraser - For BIG Mistakes
An oversized eraser with "For Big Mistakes" printed on it. By the dozen or Display of 24.
17280 (M11-10-4)
In Stock
Goofy Droopy Eyes
Large eyes that pop out of the glasses.
17263 (M10-17-4)
In Stock
Phony Squirt - Mustard
Squeeze the bottle to release a string, not actual mustard. Ketchup is available separately.
17256 (M16-5-1)
In Stock
Hypo Phony Fake Shots
This needle does not hurt anyone but looks like it is drawing blood. Packaging vary.
17249 (M10-5-4)
In Stock
Fanny Pincher Alligator Grabber 18" - Pack of 12
Use this alligator faced tool to grab things that are out of reach. 18" long. Pack of 12.
17245 (M8-10-2)
In Stock
Everlit ReLighting Birthday Candles - Pack of 12
These 10 candles will relight themselves after being blown out.
In Stock
Clown Gags - Classic Comic Clowns Circus
A book that includes over 200 gags, comedy bits, and stunts for magicians, Clowns, MC’s or any one with a sense of humor. 64 pages, illustrated.
BK17930 (L3-1-3.L20-2-3)
In Stock
Sucker Club Card Trick
A funny play on words to get a laugh from your audience.
In Stock
Rainbow Flower Lei - 36"
A lovely flower lei made of beautiful colors.
In Stock
Squirt 3" Flower #8704
This 3" flower will fit on your lapel but squirt out water.
In Stock
Top Grade Dice - Card of 24 pairs
24 sets red, green and white dice. High quality standard size 16mm = 5/8" dice.
In Stock
Million Dollar Bill - Bag of 36
A fake million dollar bill, comes 36 to a pack.
17618 (M14-7-4)
In Stock
Flosso Squirting Nickel
This nickel is actually capable of squirting water at people.
17616 (M9-4-2)
In Stock
Squirt Camera - Pack of 12
Pretend to take a picture while actually squirting water. Pack of 12.
17584 (M20-12-4)
Out of Stock
Hand Buzzer - Pack of 12
You will deliver a fun buzz to whoever shakes your hand. Pack of 12 pieces.
17561 (M10-15-2)
In Stock
Squirt Toilet Seat - Pack of 12
Whoever lifts the seat will be sprayed with water. Pack of 12.
17558 (M20-13-2)
In Stock
Squirting Doorbell
Push the doorbell and get sprayed with water.
In Stock
Bloody Razor Blade through Finger - Pack of 12
Ouch! It looks like this blade cuts right through the performer's finger. Pack of 12
17553 (M2-1-2)
In Stock
Floating Eyeballs - Pack of 12
A fake eyeball that will float in someone's drink. Pack of 12.
17552 (M9-3-3)
In Stock
Double Sided Coins - Half Dollar - Heads
Double headed half dollar.
17546 (O1-3-2)
In Stock
No Tear Toilet Paper Roll
This toilet paper WILL NOT rip.
17646 (M15-5-4)
In Stock
Pets Puke #123a
Blame this fake vomit on the house pet.
In Stock
Self Inflating Whoopee Cushion
This whoopee cushion will actually inflate itself. Assorted colors.
17535 (M18-11-4,5)
In Stock
Knife through Head
This gag makes it appear as if a knife is in your head.
17528 (M11-5-2,29-1-3)
In Stock
Broken Window Joke - Pack of 12
Make it look like any glass is broken. Pack of 12.
17518 (M3-5-4.M40-3-1)
In Stock
Crazy Party String Spray Can
Each silly string can has one color: blue, red, green, pink, yellow or purple. Over 500 feet of string. Display of 12 or 24.
In Stock
Cockroach Joke  - Carded
This fake cockroach looks incredibly real.
In Stock
Talking Chattering Teeth
These smiling teeth walk as you wind.
17502 (M21-6-2)
In Stock
Telescopic Fork
Steal your friend's food with this extra long fork that extends about 2 feet.
In Stock
Dribble Glass Joke Plastic 4 oz
No pranksters joke kit would be complete without a dribble glass. Fill with water and offer a drink. 3.5" tall, 2" diameter, 4 ounces, clear plastic. Blister packed.
17497 (M7-13-1)
In Stock
Petrified Cigarette - Pack of 12
Place a treated rod inside a real cigarette. The ash does not fall off as it is smoked. Surprise!
In Stock
Backwards Clock
This clock may tell time backwards, but its still accurate.
17488 (M2-17-4)
In Stock
Squirt Lighter - Pack of 12
This lighter will surprise whoever uses it with a water spray. Pack of 12 blister cards.
In Stock
Fake Lotto Tickets - Pack of 50
Every lottery ticket is a winner!
17484 (M8-11-1)
In Stock
Tarot Deck, the Parrott
Beautifully illustrated by Margaret Parrott, text by her son Thom, a tarot writer. Brightly colored with many symbols and esoteric correspondences built into the images. 82 cards in a card box, with instructions included.
In Stock
Finger Spies - Display of 24
An instant hand puppet that fits on anyones' fingers. Pair of big googly eyes on a finger clip. Assorted colors.
17476 (M8-4-1, 29-13-2,19-14-2)
In Stock
Rubber Pencil with Eraser
A regular looking pencil that is actually made of rubber.
17594 (M18-6-3)
In Stock
Squirt Chewing Gum - Pack of 12
A gum pack that squirts people with water.
In Stock
Rattlesnake Eggs - Dozen
When your victim opens the package to examine the eggs, what a frightening surprise! Harmless fun, but effective! One dozen.
In Stock
Parking Tickets - Pack of 12
A funny pack of fake parking tickets. Pack of 12.
In Stock
Stage Money - Pack of 1000
1,000 fake bills of varying denominations.
In Stock