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Bicycle Dice 10 Pack
10 pack of high-quality Bicycle Dice.
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TRYlogy of Sands of the Desert (Synthetic, Waxed, and Hybrid)
The TRYlogy set includes Synthetic, Waxed, and Hybrid types of the magical-to-watch Sands of the Desert! Three primary colors of sand and complete instructions included.
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Black Water Clear Water
Ordinary water turns eerie black! A wave of the hand, and it turns clear again.
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American Flag Production Silk - 36" x 22" (E-Z)
A large American Flag production silk, 36" x 22". Made of high quality, heavyweight (40 gsm) silk.
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Super Mental Die - Brass (FT)
Performer reveals the number on top of a solid brass metal die after spectator places it in a brass box and hands it over behind performers back. Similar to Color Vision, but better method. Box is not brought to front or looked into. No guess work.
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Color Changing Streamer - 45" Fabric (VDF)
A black scarf quickly changes to a multicolor scarf. Effect can be reversed. 45" x 6".
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Hoyle Waterproof Clear Playing Card Deck
Hoyle brand waterproof playing cards are ultra-durable, waterproof, and make any game more fun by being clear. Perfect for the beach, pool or camping, these cards are well-suited for almost any wet or humid situation.
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Double Sided Coins - Half Dollar - Heads (E-Z)
D20910 *
Never lose a coin toss with this double headed half dollar. Heads on both sides. Very good quality, precision made from two real US half dollars. Polybagged.
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Sven Notes - NEON Edition (3 Post-It style SvenPads®)
Being Released at Blackpool 2018! 3 Neon Colored Post-It style note pads that hide the FORCING secrets within! Comes with 3 multi- colored customizable 3" x 3" pads, instructions and routine. Optional recommended Pen.
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Flash Paper - 4 Sheets Per - Orange
F20856 *
Four sheets of orange colored flash paper that can burst into flames.
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Magic Books

We offer books on card tricks, mentalism, coin magic, learning beginner magic in many genres, professional magic, table magic, close-up magic, magic for entertaining children or making a business from your love of magic.  We have seminal historical books, books on hypnotism, patter, doves, ventriloquism, juggling, clowning, fire, cigarettes, dice, sleight of hand, puzzles, ropes, mouth coils, reels, change bags, flowers, silks, handkerchiefs, strings, sponge balls, cups, canes, ball and tube, linking rings, handcuffs, hot rods, flash paper, balloons, wiztax, and many more. Browse our wide selection.  D. Robbins & Company currently offers over 330 magic books at our fantastic wholesale level pricing.  


These books are written by some of the most world renowned magicians, past and present.  Harry Lorayne, Jean Hugard, Walter Gibson and Harlan Tarbell are a few of the magicians whose books we carry.  D. Robbins publishes and sells the complete 8 volume Tarbell Course in Magic, available as individual books or as a set.   


Our collection of magical works is great for all types of magicians.  We have magic books for amateur magicians who are just starting their career in the phenomenal and ever-growing world of magic.  We have books for professional magicians that are looking to either improve their routines or add an entirely new type of magic to their performance.  Books that specialize in coin magic, table magic, close-up magic, rope magic, silk magic and more are available, as are books that combine some of these magical disciplines. 


In addition to books on magic, we also offer books that help improve juggling skills, teach how to create balloon animals and sculptures and how to become a world class clown or ventriloquist.  


The D. Robbins magic book collection allows any magician to find a book to help them improve their act. 

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Easy Magic Tricks for Kids
Leeming teaches tricks using simple props and household items. For children of all ages.
In stock
Self-Working Number Magic: 101 Foolproof Tricks
Fulves presents 101 baffling tricks that are so easy to do they practically work by themselves. Emphasis is on performing and perfecting the tricks. They can be learned quickly and put into operation immediately, and they really dazzle.
In stock
Laughter Legacy (Ginn)
David Ginn shares over 1,300 jokes, gags, remarks and bits of comedy wisdom that you can use in any situation when talking to and in front of people, for those times you want to say something funny.
Out of Stock
The Unmasking of Robert Houdin ("Houdini's Copy" - Deluxe)
Houdini's personal copy of his book, first published 110 years ago, with annotated pages written in his hand. Published for the first time since Houdini himself made these unseen additions and changes. Deluxe bound copy - limited production.
In stock
Ventriloquism Made Easy
How to talk to your hand without looking stupid.
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Balloon Sculpting
A fun and easy guide to making balloon animals, toys and games.
In stock
Hardeen - Monarch of Manacles
Illustrated hardcover book on Theodore Hardeen - a master of manacles - and the brother of Houdini. By William Rauscher. Over 150 pages.
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Haunted Key Booklet (Royal)
Compiled by Dick Williams. This booklet details more routines, tips and tricks with a haunted Ghost Key than you ever knew existed. Ghost Key is available separately.
In stock
Marketing Magic - Cummins
Do you want to book more shows, make more money, and become more famous? Kent Cummins explains exactly how to make it happen with the first 24 columns of his 'Marketing Magic' series, from The Linking Ring.
In stock
Harry Houdinis Paper Magic
Written as though Houdini was explaining his tricks to someone sitting with him, this is a facsimile of Houdini's 1922 book. It has 4 sections with: 23 Paper Tricks, 7 Paper Folding, 11 Paper Tearing, and 16 Paper Puzzles. With 'how to' diagrams.
In stock
Zufalls Memory Trix - #6
A collection of booklets composed to improve your memory. #6 Facts and Figures - memorization for census and population figures, historical dates, etc.
In stock
Zufalls Memory Trix - #5
A collection of booklets composed to improve your memory. #5 Memorizing Numbers - various effects with figures.
In stock
Buried Alive - Lester Lake
Learn about the story of Lester Lake, buried and burned alive every day and night.
In stock
Svengali Deck Booklet - 101 Tricks (TM)
Learn over 100 tricks to perform with this incredible deck by reading this book!
In stock
The Death Camp Magicians - book
A beautifully written story of magic's role in the survival of a magician The Great Nivelli and fellow prisoner Werner Reich. Written with candor, courage, and even humor. 2d Edition.
In stock
Sponge Balls Booklet (TM)
Learn sponge magic with the help of this booklet.
In stock
Colorful Magic (Ginn)
Over 100 pages of some never before seen magic from Ginn.
In stock
Big Magic for Little Hands - Joshua Jay
A magic book for kids by an up and coming magician.
In stock
Hartman - Complete Set of 5 Books
A collection of 5 books on cards by Jerry Hartman. Card Fare; Loose Ends; Means and Ends; Packet Magic; and Three Collected Works (Super Dupes, Odd Lifts and Secret Subtraction).
In stock
Amazing Magic Tricks w/ a Scotch & Soda or Dime & Penny Book
32 page booklet on Scotch and Soda, or Dime and Penny. Info on their care and maintenance, three easy palming methods, and 18 incredible coin routines, most of which take place in a spectator's hand.
In stock
Simple Magic Tricks Book - SS Adams
This out of print book by SS Adams contains 60 illustrated magic tricks. Cards, watches, a paper bag, string, coins, a handkerchief, and much more.
In stock
World's Most Famous Unknown Magician and Ventriloquist
Bob Carroll, magician and ventriloquist, teaches tips and tricks to make you a better school show performer.
In stock
Three Degrees Book - Berg
Spectator shuffles and deals 4 sets of cards to spectators. You name every single card in spectator’s hand. There are three self-working versions taught, plus one bonus trick.
In stock
Bottom Collectors  -  Cyprian
52 page manuscript by Fr. Cyprian describing the card problem of making 3 chosen cards appear between 4 aces. Many methods/variations of performing this card routine are explained. Collectors Item from 1971.
In stock
Ibidem, Vol 3 - Issues 29-36
Volume three of the 1950s magazine, IBIDEM, containing issues 29-36, with card magic lessons.
Out of Stock
Close Up Magic Secrets - Tyler
Tyler teaches close up magic.
In stock
Science Magic - Gardner
Garner teaches over 80 science defying tricks.
In stock
Card Animations - Lorayne
A short, easy-to-follow book covering a handful of tricks.
In stock
Close Up Hallucinations book
Maze and Sufato teach magic with everyday items.
In stock
Tarbell - Complete Course 1-8  Korean
All 8 Tarbell books written in Korean
In stock
Easy To Master Mental Magic - Clark
Clark teaches 15 mentalism tricks.
In stock
Nail Writer Anthology, Baxter
This mentalism book by Baxter has several ideas for the nail writer.
In stock
Scotch And Soda Book - 50 Tricks
Learn over 50 tricks to perform with the scotch and soda.
In stock
Amazing Book Of Cards, with DVD - Joshua Jay
An easy to follow book of step-by-step directions, it will show anyone how to do 52 amazing things with a deck of cards. Written by Joshua Jay, the award-winning close-up magician and card-obsessed author of "Magic: The Complete Course."
In stock
Nickels To Dimes Booklet (25 Tricks)
This book teaches you how to turn a nickel into a dime.
In stock
Around The World With A Magician And A Juggler - Burlingame
Learn both magic tricks and juggling acts. Unique Experiences in Many Lands. From the Papers of the late Baron Hartwig Seeman, “The Emperor of Magicians” and William D’Alvini, Juggler, “Jap of Japs”.
In stock
Hugards Annuals Of Magic (1937-1939)
Hugard's history of several magic disciplines over a three year span.
In stock
Thayer Quality Magic Vol 4
Thayer teaches a high level of magic in this book.
In stock
Thayer Quality Magic Vol 3
Thayer teaches a high level of magic in this book.
In stock
Thayer Quality Magic Vol 2
Thayer teaches a high level of magic in this book.
In stock
Thayer Quality Magic Vol 1
Thayer teaches a high level of magic in this book.
In stock
Magic, The Complete Course, with DVD - Joshua Jay
Jay teaches over 35 tricks in this complete book.
In stock
Top Secret Book (Thumb Tip) 101 Tricks
Learn over 100 tricks that utilize the thumb tip.
In stock
Change Bag Booklet (50 Tricks)
Learn over 50 tricks that you can perform with a change bag.
In stock
Regular Deck Booklet (75 Tricks) (TM)
Learn nearly 75 tricks for which all you need is a standard deck of cards.
In stock
Stars Of Magic Book  - New Paperback Edition
This incredible book features over 40 tricks by over 10 different magicians.
In stock
Magic From The Overground, Hallas
Hallas teaches over 50 mental and close-up magic tricks.
In stock
Routined Manipulations Book Set
This 2 book set teaches object manipulation, covers almost every important area of the art of sleight of hand, and includes some objects.
In stock
Thumb Tip Magic – Ioso
This book teaches some of the best thumb tip magic tricks and routines. In English and Italiano.
In stock
Tarbell - Complete Course 1-8 (Lessons 1-103 and 3 Indexes)
The full 8 volume set of the "Tarbell Course in Magic", by Harlan Tarbell. Includes Lessons 1-103. Volume 7 contains 'The Last Word', a Title Index, a Name Index and a Category Index for Volumes 1-7. MAP price: $244.00
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