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Bicycle Poker Jumbo Index Deck
See your cards better than ever with this quality Bicycle Jumbo Index Card deck.
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Bicycle Dice 10 Pack
10 pack of high-quality Bicycle Dice.
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TRYlogy of Sands of the Desert (Synthetic, Waxed, and Hybrid)
The TRYlogy set includes Synthetic, Waxed, and Hybrid types of the magical-to-watch Sands of the Desert! Three primary colors of sand and complete instructions included.
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Black Water Clear Water
Ordinary water turns eerie black! A wave of the hand, and it turns clear again.
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American Flag Production Silk - 22" x 36" (E-Z)
A large American Flag production silk, 22" x 36". Made of high quality, heavyweight (40 gsm) silk.
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Super Mental Die - Brass (FT)
Performer reveals the number on top of a solid brass metal die after spectator places it in a brass box and hands it over behind performers back. Similar to Color Vision, but better method. Box is not brought to front or looked into. No guess work.
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Color Changing Streamer - 45" Fabric (VDF)
A black scarf quickly changes to a multicolor scarf. Effect can be reversed. 45" x 6".
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Hoyle Waterproof Clear Playing Card Deck
Hoyle brand waterproof playing cards are ultra-durable, waterproof, and make any game more fun by being clear. Perfect for the beach, pool or camping, these cards are well-suited for almost any wet or humid situation.
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Double Sided Coins - Half Dollar - Heads (E-Z)
D20910 *
Never lose a coin toss with this double headed half dollar. Heads on both sides. Very good quality, precision made from two real US half dollars. Polybagged.
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Sven Notes NEON Edition - 3 Post-It style SvenPads®
Being Released at Blackpool 2018! 3 Neon Colored Post-It style note pads that hide the FORCING secrets within! Comes with 3 multi- colored customizable 3" x 3" pads, instructions and routine. Optional recommended Pen.
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Magic Hands - Collector Posters- Singles
Full color 11" x 17" photographs of 73 different Magicians. Choose unsigned, or signed for a slightly higher price. Minimum 6 posters each of up to 2 different magicians. See Details for Magician list and PHOTOS of posters.
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Posters - Classic Magicians Set Of 4
A set of posters of 4 different magicians: Houdini, Keller, Blackstone, and Thurston.
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Posters - Houdini Poster Set Of 5
Five different Harry Houdini posters.
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Magic Hands Collector Posters, 100 Same
A bulk option of one hundred of the same poster.
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Magic Hands Collector Posters, 50 Same
A bulk option of 50 of the same poster.
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Magic Hands Collector Posters, 25 Same
A bulk option of twenty five of the same poster.
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Magic Hands Collector Posters - Asst. Pack Of 75
Seventy five posters of different magicians.
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Magic Hands Collector Posters - Asst. Pack Of 50
50 posters of different magicians.
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Posters - Houdini Metamorphosis
A poster of Houdini.
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Posters - Houdini Water Torture Cell
A poster of Houdini.
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Posters - Houdini - Buried Alive
A poster of Houdini.
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Posters - Thurston
A Thurston magic poster.
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Posters - Kellar
A poster that measures 20 inches by 28 inches.
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Posters - Houdini - King Of Cards
A poster that measures 20 inches by 28 inches.
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Posters - 4 Poster Set
These are beautiful full color reproductions of posters used by famous magicians of the past. 21" x 29", printed on high quality gloss paper. Includes: Jansen, LeRoy Talma Bosco, Von Arx and Kellar.
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Magic Hands - Collector Posters - Asst. or Same Bulk Packs
Full color 11" x 17" posters of 73 different Magicians, signed and unsigned. Bulk assorted packs of 20, 50 or 75, or bulk of the same poster in Pack of 25, 50 or 100. See Details for Magician list and 7 bulk options.
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Posters - Blackstone
Blackstone poster.
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Posters - 5 Poster Set
This set of posters has been reproduced on heavy quality paper. Great for the poster collection or for decorating.
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Posters - Houdini - Handcuff King
A 23" by 34" poster Houdini poster
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