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Desire Test (Astor)
The Mentalist predicts the dominant desire of the spectator from amongst large picture cards previously shown to the spectator, using a transparent envelope and a whiteboard marker. Easy to learn.
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Tarantula II  (Mesika)
Tarantula II can produce real magic anytime, in any light condition. Operate completely hands-free without any special jewelry or clothing, right under a spectator’s nose, and completely surrounded. Easy to master.
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Messado Linking Rings and DVD Set
Large gauge, small circumference, custom alloy, precision weighted to give an exact center of gravity: black linking rings. Messado performs his full unique routines on his DVD, teaching you each move, in context.
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SvenPad® Elegance Rhodia Edition (Single):  NEW RELEASE!
The world's best forcing pads. Genuine Rhodia® memo pads made into SvenPads. Pages feel feather light and supple smooth, flip effortlessly. (4 x 6"/10.5 x 14.8 cm) Comes elegantly boxed, and includes a Uni-ball Signo gel ink pen.
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Signed Quarter To Yarn
A spectator initials their borrowed quarter. You place it in a black cloth, which the spectator holds. When you pull away the cloth, the coin has disappeared. You make it reappear inside a large ball of yarn, within a banded Altoid tin.
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SvenPad Bookstyle - Sidebound (Pair of Black & Green): NEW release!
The just released SvenPad® Bookstyle opens like a book, has a metal wire binding, a new cover design, and a larger writing area. 4" x 6". One black & one green pad in each package, with instructions. Optional recommended Pen.
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SvenPad® Original Stage Size (Pair)
A customizable FORCING utility device! The original SvenPad® Stage Size looks identical to the Svenpad Pocket Size, but is larger, for use on stage or cabaret. 8" x 5.5". Two pads in each package, with instructions. Optional recommended Pen.
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Ghost Cash - $, € or £ (Astor)
With the help of this prop, you can "visually print” an examinable real banknote. Easy to do. Choose from 3 currencies: $20 U.S., Euro €20 or £20 British versions.
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Black Holes Prediction (Astor)
Spectator chooses 2 cards, then places a transparent plexi sheet over each (black circle and triangle). Magician takes 2 cards from PREDICTION envelope. It matches chosen cards AND geometric shape! No sleight of hand. Works with any deck.
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Magic Pencil (Astor)
Magician uses pencil to pierce and then tear in half a borrowed bill, then restores bill. Next, the magician slowly and visibly penetrates the banknote with pencil. Restored again. Easy to do.
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Magic Coin Case #5413
A coin placed in the magic slide vanishes and reappears at the Magician's will. Also, one coin can magically transform into another and back again!
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Mirage Packet Trick (FT)
Six cards with a picture of a desert oasis amidst are shown. The Magician casts a spell and turns all cards blank on both sides. Six special cards, with detailed illustrated instructions.
Out of Stock
Multiplying Rabbits - Bulk Pack of 500, with Instructions
Two large sponge rabbits interact in a spectators hand and magically produce five baby rabbits. Colors May Vary - no choice. Bulk pack of 500. Additional discount for 2 packs.
In stock
Donkey And Monkey Competition - Pack Of 100 (E-ZX)
One piece seems to be larger but they are the same size.
In stock
Ring On Chain (FT)
The ring will magically go through the chain.
In stock
Adairs Odd One Out (FT)
The guest will have chosen the only non double back card.
In stock
Floating Head Charlie  (FT)
Charlie Chaplin's head in the picture will float up and down. Repeatable. Sturdy plastic plate with colored offset picture, 2.75" wide and 4.5" high.
In stock
Pocket Flowering Bush (FT)
The pot of flowers in the picture blooms.
In stock
Floating Death Head (FT)
The head in the picture will float.
In stock
Pocket Lady To Tiger (FT)
The woman in the picture changes to a tiger.
Out of Stock
Two Card Monte  - Poker - Import Bulk Pk Of 144
A bulk pack of one gross of the classic two card monte trick.
In stock
Tricky Paddles - Circle To Square #100 (FT)
Paddles with a circle and square design.
In stock
Tricky Paddles - Rabbit/ Hat (Pack Of 100)  (FT)
Paddle with a rabbit and hat design used to perform a simple trick. Pack of 100 or 1000.
In stock
Tricky Paddles - Jumping Frog Paddle Set A/B  #100 (FT)
A pack of 100 paddles with jumping frogs.
In stock
Tricky Paddles - Hot Smiley Paddle #100 (FT)
A pack of 100 paddles with different colored smiling faces.
In stock
Chinese Ring Illusion - MS Pack Of 100 Bulk (FT)
The coin inside of the ring quickly disappears. Bulk pack of 100.
In stock
Magic Wands - Promo China 10 1/2" - 144 Pcs
Basic black magician's wand. Pack of 144. (Discount for 5 packs or more.)
In stock
Two Card Monte - Bridge (Pack Of 144)
Classic two-card monte trick. Pack of 144, with instructions.
In stock
Magic Wands - Jumbo 14.5" x 3/4"
Jumbo sized black wands. (Discount for 144 or more.)
In stock
Magic Savings Bank #5437
The coin moves from the bank to your jacket pocket.
In stock
Chinese Wallet (FT)
Make items appear, vanish or move to a different side of the wallet.
In stock
Butterfly Puzzle - Small (Pack Of 72)  (FT)
The visible caterpillars change to a butterfly.
In stock
Cake In Hat
Pour cake ingredients into a borrowed hat to make a real cake appear.
In stock
Magic Penetration Board #5451
The board easily comes loose on the command of the magician.
In stock
Magic Coin Base #5450
Magician borrows a silver coin and places it on the Magic Coin Base. Coin is covered with a lid, but when the lid is removed, the silver coin has changed to a copper coin!
In stock
Floating Princess (FT)
The different pictures float right off of the cards.
In stock
Chinese Ring Illusion (FT)
A coin appears inside of a ring.
In stock
Magic Water Jug #5426
The water continues to flow out of the jug even though it should be empty.
In stock
Magic Secret Rattle #5440
A tube with a nail inside is rattled and mixed with two other tubes that are empty. The spectator tries to find the tube with the nail inside, but always fails! You find the nail every time! No sleight-of-hand required.
In stock
Magic Capsule #5477
The silk vanishes from within the capsule.
In stock
Magic Ball Puzzle (Ball And Vase) #5410
The ball jumps from the vase to your pocket.
In stock
EZ Money Vanisher (FT)
The borrowed bill magically vanishes from inside the folded papers.
Out of Stock
Clip Card - BB Poker (Pack Of 100) (FT)
Simple but amazing card and paper clip trick. Pack of 100.
In stock
Cig Producto (FT)
Be able to make cigarettes appear from nowhere.
In stock
Magic String #5341
Cutting the string won't affect the two blocks even though is should.
In stock
Magic Wands - Multicolor 4” (Pack Of 36) (FT)
A set of 36, 4" wands of various colors.
In stock
Magic Expanding Wand #5703
With a simple pass of the hand, this wand magically expands.
In stock
Magic Crystal Coin Case HK#5435
The coin vanishes from a plastic container.
Out of Stock
Magic Tube #5432
The bill becomes water after placed in the tube.
In stock
Magic Crystal Box #5433   (Bandit Ball)
The ball vanishes from inside a locked box.
In stock
Magic Signal  #5425
The colored dots rotate and change color.
In stock
Magic Pad - Multicolor (FT)
The pad goes from blank to colored in an instant.
In stock
Magic Finger Chopper #5416
The blade will go right through the finger.
In stock
Magic Dice Tunnel #5466
The die changes position once in the tube.
In stock
Magic Coin Multiplying Saucer #5481
The coins keep falling off the saucer.
Out of Stock
A marked bill from an audience member appears in a cigarette from a different audience member.
In stock
Bandit Ball (FT)
The ball falls right through the lid of the closed box.
In stock