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Flash Dollar Bills - US $10 - Pack of 10
F21086 *
These real looking dollar bills made of flash paper will light up in a flash. Pack of 10 US dollar bills. $10 half bills. Each bill 2.5" x 3". Other denominations of US and Canadian dollar bills are sold separately.
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Color Changing Streamer - Fabric 45" (VDF)
A black scarf quickly changes to a multicolor scarf. Effect can be reversed. 45" x 6".
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Ghost Cash - $, € or £ (Astor)
With the help of this prop, you can "visually print” an examinable real banknote. Easy to do. Choose from 3 currencies: $20 U.S., Euro €20 or £20 British versions.
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Marketing Magic by K. Cummins
Do you want to book more shows, make more money, and become more famous? Kent Cummins explains exactly how to make it happen with the first 24 columns of his 'Marketing Magic' series, from The Linking Ring.
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Flash Dollar Bills - Canadian $20 Half - Pack of 10
F21090 *
These real looking dollar bills made of flash paper will light up in a flash. Pack of 10 Canadian dollar bills. $20 half bills (assorted parts). Each bill 2.5" x 3". Other denominations of US and Canadian dollar bills are sold separately.
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Double Sided Coins - Half Dollar - Heads (E-Z)
D20910 *
Never lose a coin toss with this double headed half dollar. Heads on both sides. Very good quality, precision made from two real US half dollars. Polybagged.
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Color Changing Rabbit  (FT)
The color of the rabbit will change a few times and end with a special surprise of another character. Large stage sized effect, especially good for kid shows.
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Signed Quarter to Yarn
A spectator initials their borrowed quarter. You place it in a black cloth, which the spectator holds. When you pull away the cloth, the coin has disappeared. You make it reappear inside a large ball of yarn, within a banded Altoid tin.
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Magic Pyramid 4 pc Puzzle (Wonder)
Only the magician can create the pyramid with these 4 bright red pieces.
In stock
Puzzle Variety Sampler Kit #2
Variety pack of some of our puzzles. Puzzle Kit # 2 contains 2 Each of 14 puzzles.
In stock
Coin Safe (VDF)
A small object is borrowed and placed in a well-crafted polished brass safe, then screwed closed. The spectator is asked to take out his coin, but it can be opened only by the magician. Made in Italy.
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Repeat Square Puzzle
With relative ease, a spectator can form four cut out pieces into a perfect square. Then, hand them a small square fifth piece. Now, forming a perfect square will be much more difficult. Plastic, PBH with instructions.
In stock
Smiley Puzzle (Wonder)
Two lovey-dovey smiling hooks entangled in amorous confusion. Can you separate them?
In stock
Quandary Puzzle
A classic puzzle, simple in principle, separated with only two movements. Yet it requires patience and a bright mind to solve. High quality, large metal puzzle.
In stock
Q in Q Puzzle
Two funny twisted “Q”s linked for eternity! Or are they ? A little ingenuity will help you. Like the classic nail puzzle, though the big balls at the ends make it more baffling. High quality, large metal puzzle.
In stock
Nail Biter Puzzle
High quality, large metal puzzle based on the centuries old classic bent nails puzzle. This version has an added twist to make it doubly difficult to solve.
In stock
Enigma Loop Puzzle
Two metal pigtail loops, with machined balls at the end. High quality, large metal puzzle.
In stock
Magnetic Word Play
PG-Rated Adult Refrigerator Magnetic Word Play, with over 100 words.
In stock
Tenyo Perpetual Puzzle T-271
The puzzle keeps fitting despite having pieces added.
In stock
Tenyo Magic Maze T-268
Always beat the crowd in this maze puzzle.
In stock
Fishy Tale #72 (FT)
These two fish seem to change size.
In stock
Tenyo Future Puzzle T-264
Jigsaw puzzle pieces containing images of playing cards are shown in a box. Spectator names any picture card. The pieces are all dropped out of the box, and assembled. Puzzle shows an image of the exact card that was named.
In stock
Key Link Puzzle - Promo 50 Pack (FT)
Challenge a spectator to separate the two linked keys! The object of this puzzle is to separate the two linked keys. Each Key is about 2.75" long, made of plastic, attractively boxed, and complete with the solution.
In stock
Rattleback Puzzle  - Pack of 144
Popular scientific novelty. The rattleback will stop and spin in the opposite direction on its own. Pack of 144 pieces with instructions.
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Three Shell Game - Empire
The classic con game is now a magic trick! You can never find the pea that magician places under a shell.
In stock
Magic T 4 pc Puzzle - Bulk Pack of 100
A pack of 100 puzzles. A perfect ‘T’ is formed with four pieces. 2" high x 2" wide. Pack of 100 puzzles.
In stock
Coin Safe - Ms Pack Of 100 Bulk (FT)
A coin is borrowed and placed in a small “see though” covered box, then screwed closed. The spectator is asked to take out his coin, but when he tries to do this he finds the cover turns, but will not open. Bulk pack of 100.
In stock
Spring Puzzle Large 3" (FT) - MS Bulk Pack of 100
A pack of 100 puzzles where only you can remove the ring.
In stock
Button Hole Loop Puzzle - Bulk 24 or 100 (FT)
A large plastic needle with a thread loop fixed to one end is looped through the buttonhole of a spectator’s shirt. He is asked to take it off but cannot. The more he tries, the more complicated it becomes. But you can take it off at will.
In stock
Wonderfool Puzzlers 6 Tricks Magic Kit
A magic kit of six tricks, including Balancing Hook, Smiling Puzzle, Spring Puzzle, One second Puzzle, Mystery Snapper, and Crazy Spinner.
In stock
Butterfly Puzzle - Small (FT) - Pack of 72
The visible caterpillars change to a butterfly. Pack of 72 pieces.
In stock
Vernet Three Shell Game
This is the very old game in which the spectator tries to follow the position of the pea under one of the three shells spread on the table.
In stock
Wand And Beads Puzzle (Pack Of 36)
Try to remove the beads from the wand. Make a great gift.
In stock
Magic Square Puzzle - PBI
Only the magician can create the square quickly. Assorted colors.
In stock
Snapper Puzzle - Plastic (FT)
Only the magician can hook the rubber band.
In stock
Hook Puzzle - Gold Plated (FT)
It is nearly impossible to separate these gold hooks from one another... unless you know how.
In stock
Hoffmans Puzzles Old And New
One of the most comprehensive encyclopedias of puzzles ever written. Learn over 400 puzzles that require a secret to be completed.
In stock
Magic Fun Assortment - Pack of 72
A box of assorted magical effects and puzzles in six different styles. Pack of 72, each individually packed.
In stock
Magic Pyramid 2 pc Puzzle - PBI
Only the magician can create the pyramid of 2 odd shape pieces.
In stock
Spring Puzzle Jumbo (Wonder)
Only the magician can get the ring off of the coil spring.
In stock
Magic Find The Ball (Three Shell Game) #5735
Learn this classic three shell game sleight of hand trick.
In stock
Adairs Monkey Puzzle (FT) - Pack of 72
The bananas magically change size, but then you show that the monkey is eating them. Pack of 72.
In stock
Mathemagic: Magic, Puzzles, Games with Numbers
Magic using the principles and logic of math. More than 60 new puzzles and stunts based on the properties of numbers. Over 30 pages of magic squares, triangles, cubes, much more. Inexhaustible source of stimulating mathematical recreation.
In stock
Nu-Die Mystery
Only the magician can remove the die.
In stock
Coil and Ring (Royal)
Only the magician can remove the ring from the spring.
In stock
Magic Obstinate Ring - Bulk Pack of 1000
Impossible to get the ring off of the spring.
In stock
Donkey Puzzle (FT) - Pack of 1 Gross
Impossible to solve unless you know the secret. Comes in one gross packaging.
In stock
Royal Rattling Wands
A wand version of the three shell game, the spectator can't find the rattling wand.
In stock
Magic T Puzzle - PBI
Know the secret to making the T quickly.
In stock
Over and Under Puzzle - Pack of 144 (FT)
The two disks appear to be different but are the same size, comes in pack of 144.
In stock
Butterfly Puzzle - Large (FT) - Pack of 24
The two caterpillars change into a beautiful butterfly.
In stock
Puzzle Variety Sampler Kit #1
Variety pack of some of our puzzles. Puzzle Kit # 1 contains 1 Each of 5 puzzles.
In stock
Nail Puzzle - Plated (FT)
Unlink and link the two heavy duty plated nails. It looks easy but it is not, unless you know the secret! Fool your friends. Polybag, with instructions included.
In stock
Magic Pyramid 2 pc Puzzle - Bulk Pack of 100
Two identical, oddly shaped pieces fit together to make a pyramid. Bulk pack of 100 puzzles.
In stock
Ball Pyramid Puzzle (FT) - Pack of 12
Use 20 balls in 4 blocks to make a perfect pyramid. Large size - the pyramid measures about 3.5" at the base and at each side. Ideal gift or promotional item.
In stock
Snapper Puzzle with Instructions (FT) - Pack of 144
Frustrate your friends as they struggle to hook the rubber band.
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