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Sven Notes (3 Post-It style SvenPads®)
3 Post-It style note pads that hide the FORCING secrets within! Each customizable pad is 3" x 3". Comes with instructions and routine. Optional recommended Pen (to add onto your sale).
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Flash Paper - 4 Sheets Per - Red Flame
Four sheets of white flash paper that burst into red colored flames when burning. (See video in Item Detail.)
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Flash Paper - 4 Sheets Per - Orange
F20856 *
Four sheets of orange colored flash paper that can burst into flames.
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Desire Test (Astor)
The Mentalist predicts the dominant desire of the spectator from amongst large picture cards previously shown to the spectator, using a transparent envelope and a whiteboard marker. Easy to learn.
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Tarantula II  (Mesika)
Tarantula II can produce real magic anytime, in any light condition. Operate completely hands-free without any special jewelry or clothing, right under a spectator’s nose, and completely surrounded. Easy to master.
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Messado Linking Rings and DVD Set
Large gauge, small circumference, custom alloy, precision weighted to give an exact center of gravity: black linking rings. Messado performs his full unique routines on his DVD, teaching you each move, in context.
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SvenPad® Elegance Rhodia Edition (Single):  NEW RELEASE!
The world's best forcing pads. Genuine Rhodia® memo pads made into SvenPads. Pages feel feather light and supple smooth, flip effortlessly. (4 x 6"/10.5 x 14.8 cm) Comes elegantly boxed, and includes a Uni-ball Signo gel ink pen.
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Signed Quarter To Yarn
A spectator initials their borrowed quarter. You place it in a black cloth, which the spectator holds. When you pull away the cloth, the coin has disappeared. You make it reappear inside a large ball of yarn, within a banded Altoid tin.
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SvenPad Bookstyle - Sidebound (Pair of Black & Green): NEW release!
The just released SvenPad® Bookstyle opens like a book, has a metal wire binding, a new cover design, and a larger writing area. 4" x 6". One black & one green pad in each package, with instructions. Optional recommended Pen.
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SvenPad® Original Stage Size (Pair)
A customizable FORCING utility device! The original SvenPad® Stage Size looks identical to the Svenpad Pocket Size, but is larger, for use on stage or cabaret. 8" x 5.5". Two pads in each package, with instructions. Optional recommended Pen.
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Rope Magic
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Adairs Traffic Signal Rope (FT)
The different colors of the rope move around.
In stock
Beads And Strings (FT)
The magician can magically remove the beads from the string.
In stock
Chinese Prayer Vase (Royal)
A simple yet mindblowing trick involving a rope and a vase.
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Clipped on Cord (FT)
In stock
Color Changing Shoelaces - Ginn
These color changing shoe laces go from red to yellow to green to white!
In stock
Eternal Rings
In stock
Five Rope Repeat (FT)
This trick includes 5 ropes of equal length.
In stock
Inter-Twine, with DVD
Three different length ropes become the same size.
In stock
Linking Ropes (Empire)
Three ropes are tied into loops, then magically link and unlink! The 'poor man's' linking rings! Easy to do. Ziplock bag with picture insert.
In stock
Magic Ring And Magnetic Rope, PBH #5752
The ring disappears right into the rope!
In stock
Magic Zig Zag Rope Case #5755
The rope is cut in two and magically repaired.
In stock
Magicians Rope - 500 Ft Reel (FT)
500 feet of soft magicians white rope.
In stock
Magicians Rope - Soft 50 Ft - Green (FT)
A 50 foot piece of green magician's rope.
In stock
Magicians Rope - Soft 50 Ft - Red (FT)
A 50 foot piece of red magician's rope.
In stock
Magicians Rope - Soft 50 Ft - White (FT)
50 feet of white soft rope that can be used for several tricks.
In stock
Magicians Rope - Soft 50 Ft - Yellow (FT)
A 50 foot piece of yellow magician's rope.
In stock
Magicians Rope - Soft Core 36 feet (FT)
Special soft plaited white cotton soft core rope. If you perform rope effects (Cut & Restored Ropes, Rope Knotting, Linking Ropes, Professor's Nightmare etc.) this is rope custom made for magicians' use.
In stock
Miracle Rope
This rope allows you to perform three different tricks.
In stock
Multicolor Rope Fusion (FT)
Three different colored ropes are magically tied together
In stock
Multicolor Rope Link - Deluxe (FT)
Three individual different colored ropes are magically bound together when tossed in the air.
In stock
Neo Magnet - 10 x 10 mm
Powerful neodymium magnets, each 10 x 10mm. With these magnets, it is possible to modify a rope to perform the incredible effect of "cut and restored rope". Minimum pack of 10, or discount for box of 50.
In stock
Neo Magnet - 12 x 7 mm
With this magnet you can modify, as you like, a rope to perform incredible effects of "cut and restored rope". Minimum Pack of 12, or discount for box of 84 pieces.
In stock
One Two One Rope Trick (FT)
One rope is cut into two but restored to be one again.
In stock
Patriotic Ropes - Deluxe (FT)
Three individual red, white and blue ropes are combined into one.
In stock
Professor's Dream (Magnetic Model)
Three ropes of different lengths: long, middle, short, magically change to three ropes of equal length. Then they visibly join together and become one long length of rope!
In stock
Professors Nightmare - Deluxe (FT)
Change ropes of various lengths to the same size
In stock
Ring and Rope Escape (Wonder)
The ring can come right through the rope.
In stock
Rope Magic Set (Kits)  (FT)
This rope set is capable of performing over 40 tricks.
In stock
Rope Shift
The rope will quickly move around the board.
In stock
Rope to Silk - 9"  Promo
Effortlessly change this rope into a silk!
In stock
Rope to Silk 15"
This rope can wow audiences two ways: it stands on end and then changes to a silk.
In stock
Rope To Silk 18" (DF)
This rope transforms into a 18" silk.
In stock
Rope With Four Ends - Deluxe  (FT)
The rope continually has the amount of ends change.
In stock
Sams Super Ropes (FT)
A bunch of ropes are tied differently and change size.
In stock
Stiff Rope - Red - Boxed (FT)
The rope magically becomes extremely stiff.
In stock
Stiff Rope - Yellow - Boxed (FT)
This rope can magically become stiff in an instant.
In stock
Stiff Shoelaces
The shoelace will turn as stiff as board in an instant!
In stock
Unequal Equal Ropes (FT)
Three different lengths of rope become the equal length.
In stock
With This Ring
Change red and a blue colored woven rope loop to other colors, then join them to make one rope. Includes four separate woven rope loops and one large multi-colored loop. Change bag sold separately.
In stock
Zanadu Color Changing Rope (Z)
This rope changes color right while in your hands.
In stock
Zig Zag Rope Trick (Wonder)
The rope is placed the device, broken and put back together.
Out of Stock