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Tarbell Complete Course in Magic - Vol. 1-8 (Lessons 1-103, 3 Indexes)
BK19179 (kit)
The full 8 volume set of the "Tarbell Course in Magic" by Harlan Tarbell. Includes Lessons 1-103. Volume 7 contains 'The Last Word,' a Title Index, a Name Index and a Category Index for Volumes 1-7. MAP price: $249.95
In Stock
Coin Slide - Empire
21547 (M5-10-4)
Change, vanish, or make a coin appear.
In Stock
Live and Let Dai by Robert Ramirez
21604 (M12-1-4)
This is an updated version of the classic Triumph routine by Dai Vernon. You can perform Live and Let Dai directly after the classic, or perform Live and Let Dai as a standalone piece!
In Stock
Squirt Wee Boy - Weepy the Wee Wee 7.5"
17675 (M24-11-1)
This guy squirts water when you remove his pants. 7.5" squirt boy.
In Stock
21624 (M22-12-1)
Thumbcuffs - A set of handcuffs but for your thumbs, for a closeup escape.
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Fortune Telling Fish - Pack of 72
21617 (M9-11-3)
The classic party item. The fish will be able to figure out someone's personality. Place it on the palm and watch it move mysteriously. Then check the personality chart on the back of the package.
In Stock
How Magicians Think - Joshua Jay
BK21655 (L6-1-3)
Joshua Jay, one of the world’s most accomplished magicians, brings us inside the minds of magicians to reveal the artistry and obsessiveness, esoteric history, and long-whispered-about traditions of a subject shrouded in mystery.
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Problema - With Leather Dice Cup (VDF)
21559 (M16-13-3)
A baffling effect! You show a box with six dice with different numbers visible on top. After covering the box, another die is rolled. Let's say the number is 3. You remove the cover and all the dice show 3! This version includes a dice cup.
In Stock
Vanishing Wand Shells - Pack of 12
21636 (M24-2-2)
Each/printed box includes 1 dozen refill wand shells for the Vanishing and Appearing Wand trick (12385).
In Stock
Zig Zag Rope (Empire)
21600 (M25-6-3.4)
"Cut" the rope into two pieces then restore the rope!
In Stock
Vernet Slate Writer
21623 (M24-6-1)
Now you can write with real chalk on a slate! Here's a modern design, secret writer, specially manufactured with the perfect grip to write comfortably with chalk, secretly, on a slate.
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Party Snaps - Display of 50
17262 (R17-3-3)
Scare your friends with this harmless loud noise. Display of 50 pieces.
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Tarbell Course in Magic - Vol. 1 (Lessons 1-19)
BK10171 (L13-1-1.R46-F)
Volume 1 of 8 of the definitive course on the teachings of Tarbell. MAP price: $26.95.
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Royal Blank Face Bridge Deck - Red
A deck of cards with a blank face side. Red backed decks.
21682 (M17-4-3)
In Stock
Royal Regular Deck Playing Cards - Bridge size BLUE
A regular Bridge size deck of playing cards.
21651 (M17-5-2)
In Stock
Royal Regular Deck Playing Cards - Bridge size RED
A regular Bridge size deck of playing cards. RED.
21650 (M17-5-2)
In Stock
ESP Deck - Bicycle Poker Size - Red Back (VDF)
This is a set of 25 poker size ESP cards. They are printed on Bicycle Rider backed playing cards.
21596 (M2-7-4)
In Stock
Miracle Change Deck (FT)
An amazing color changing deck that also becomes blank.
21590 (M14-10-3)
In Stock
Dinglish Deck - Royal
The card backs are displayed. Your spectator chooses a card from the face up side. Its back is different! Then all the cards change to the same back as the chosen card. Then the entire deck changes to a third color!
21557 (M17-2-4)
In Stock
Super Svengali Deck (FT)
This version of the Svengali Deck allows you to riffle from either the short or long edge to perform all the tricks. Bridge size.
21527 (M21-11-2)
In Stock
White Aurelians Playing Cards
Based on the leader of the Roman Empire, Aurelians are beautiful cards that you will be pleased to handle. The premium box is coated in gold foil. The cards inside are smooth-cut and fully customized with deep detail.
21497 (M24-12-2)
In Stock
Copag 310 Red Deck
COPAG 310® introduces the exclusive TRUE LINEN B9 FINISH for supreme handling and the ultimate flourish. Inspired by you. Developed in the pursuit of mastery. Made for players, cardists and magicians. Red backs.
21496 (M6-17-2)
In Stock
Copag 310 Blue Deck
COPAG 310® introduces the exclusive TRUE LINEN B9 FINISH for supreme handling and the ultimate flourish. Inspired by you. Developed in the pursuit of mastery. Made for players, cardists and magicians. Blue baacks.
21495 (M6-17-2)
In Stock
Deck Tailor Blind Breather Deck - Bicycle Red
The Blind Marking System is a powerful tool in the hands of the right magician. It allows you to know the top card of the deck - or the bottom card - simply by touch alone, no peeking or shiners! (Breather version.)
21483 (M6-3-3)
In Stock
Alphabet Deck - Bicycle (Royal)
These Bicycle-backed cards can be used with any number of tricks and routines. Big, bold, black letters are printed on their faces. Especially recommended for mentalists. (No instructions.)
21476 (M17-5-3)
In Stock
Marked And Stripper Deck (Empire)
Marked and tapered cards. Many tricks are possible. Includes instructions for four tricks. Assorted packs of blue and red color backs.
21475 (M14-1-2)
Out of Stock
Deck Tailor Blind Dribbler Deck - Bicycle Red
The Blind Marking System is a powerful tool in the hands of the right magician. It allows you to know the top card of the deck - or the bottom card - simply by touch alone, no peeking or shiners! You can read this deck completely blindfolded!
21457 (M6-3-3)
In Stock
Pop Eyed Popper Bicycle Poker Deck - Blue - (E-Z) - Improved
Pop the chosen card right out of the middle of the deck. Self working, no sleight of hand, easy to do. Improved coating. Blue backs.
21441 (M8-4-3)
Out of Stock
Invisible Bicycle Poker Deck (E-Z) - Improved - Blue backs
The magician will always know which card was selected. Improved coating. Blue backs.
21397 (R8-3-2)
In Stock
Mental Photo Bicycle Poker Deck (E-Z) - Improved - Blue backs
A blank deck prints magically! Blue backs. Improved coating.
21386 (R8-3-1)
In Stock
Mirage Bicycle Poker Deck (E-Z) - Improved - Blue backs
All of the cards in the deck change to the one chosen by a spectator. Improved coating. Blue backs.
21387 (R8-4-4)
Out of Stock
Split Deck - Bicycle Poker (E-Z) - Blue backs
Two spectators each find a half of the exact same card from the deck. Blue backs. Special rubber coating applied, making these decks more long-lasting. Cards must be separated and "worked" prior to first use.
Out of Stock
Deck Tailor Breather Deck - Bicycle Red
You know about a breather card but here is the Breather Deck, crafted by Don Boyer, the Deck Tailor. The entire deck is offset so any reversed card can be easily found.
21360 (M6-3-3)
Out of Stock
Deck Tailor Corner Short Deck - Bicycle Red
The Corner Short Deck has just one corner shortened and every card is cut so you can find a selected card easily.
21359 (M6-3-3)
Out of Stock
Deck Tailor End Stripper Deck - Tally-Ho Circle Red - Premium Grade / Fine Cut
End stripper deck - professional cut. End strippers are cut on the short sides - the ends - use them for overhand shuffles. (For Hindu shuffles, use our edge strippers.) Tally Ho - red.
21358 (M6-3-3)
In Stock
Deck Tailor Edge Strippers - Tally-Ho Circle Red - Premium Grade / Fine Cut
Edge strippers - professional cut. Edge strippers have the traditional cut - use them for Hindu shuffles. (For overhand shuffles, use our end strippers.) Tally Ho Circle - red.
21356 (M6-3-3)
In Stock
Zebra Code Prediction (Astor)
Two selected cards are revealed using a special Zebra Code.
Out of Stock
Numbered (Astor)
Basically, it's a card at any number effect, but on steroids. In similar effects the card is at the place chosen by the spectator. In this version, the card has a number on the back!
21348 (M15-4-4)
In Stock
Bicycle Silver Dragon Playing Cards Deck
A beautiful deck of cards for performing or collecting. Dragons? Yes. Bicycle® playing cards brings these legendary creatures from the world of fantasy to your hands.
21297 (M-2-9-1)
Out of Stock
Haunted Deck Bicycle Poker (E-Z) - Blue
After three cards are chosen, the deck moves on its own to reveal all cards selected, one by one. Blue color.
21064 (R8-3-3)
In Stock
Force Deck One Way Bicycle Poker - Red
The magician can force the card that is chosen. Assorted One Way Forcing decks in red color.
21200 (R8-3-4)
In Stock
Stripper Deck Bicycle Poker (E-Z) - Blue
A Bicycle stripper deck. Blue color. Red is available separately.
21163 (R8-4-1)
In Stock
Rising Cards Bicycle (E-Z) - Blue
Magically make a card rise right out of the deck. Blue color. Red is available separately.
21062 (M17-8-3)
In Stock
Cheek to Cheek Deck Bicycle Poker - Blue
The selected card ends up facing the opposite way of the other cards in the deck. Blue color.
21058 (R8-1-2)
In Stock
Svengali Deck - Bicycle Standard Poker (E-Z) - Blue
The classic Svengali deck. Cards are shown different and spectator selects one. The magician finds the card, cuts the deck, yet the card jumps to the top. Then by tapping the deck all of the cards become the spectator's card!Blue color.
21054 (R7-4-1)
In Stock
Invisible Deck - Royal - Red
Performer fans deck and picks out spectator's mentally selected card. No skill needed. Red color.
21043 (M17-1-2)
In Stock
Super Fanning Deck
These brilliantly colored cards are ideal for the manipulation and production with a fanning deck. Two cards have natural colored backs to help you during stage manipulations. Poker size.
20923 (M21-13-2)
In Stock
Nyx Reds - Cardistry and Manipulation Deck
Premium deck with centered, equilateral triangle back design, to spin around each card rotation point, for a pronounced effect in your spins and aerials. Thin card stock, giving you complete control over your cards. Poker size.
20936 (M15-4-2)
In Stock
Ultimate Card Magic Kit
This kit - complete with decks - teaches over 200 card magic tricks!
U20666 (M28-12-2)
In Stock
Division Deck Bicycle
Turn a single deck of regular sized cards into a pair of smaller decks.
20656 (M7-4-2)
Out of Stock
Disappearing Card Deck (Wonder)
A complete deck of cards magically disappears when put inside the sleek plastic case!
20645 (M25-16-2,M39-17-4)
In Stock
Penetrator Deck
The signed card jumps from the middle to the top of the deck.
20590 (M16-4-2)
In Stock
Marked Deck - Bicycle Design (E-ZX)
This Red (only) back Bicycle design marked deck is one of the easiest to read, but highly deceptive. Comes with 1 Bonus Double Back Red & Blue Card added for Multipurpose use. (Note: These cards are Bridge size. Poker size are Item #18332.)
20505 (M14-1-2)
Out of Stock
Svengali Deck King Magic Poker - (TM)
A gimmicked deck for hundreds of tricks, with instructions.
20431 (M21-9-2)
In Stock
Bicycle Puppet and Kite Deck - Red
A must for card magicians and collectors. The deck features custom courts, ace of spades and jokers.
20345 (M2-5-4)
In Stock
Identity Deck (FT)
After spectators pick cards, magician calls out names printed on their cards. The other cards show all different names. Special deck, with illustrated instructions.
20306 (M10-4-4)
In Stock
Svengali Long Short Deck & Book Kit
Includes a deck and a book with 101 trick ideas.
Out of Stock
Stripper Tapered Deck and Book Kit
Includes a deck and a book with 110 trick ideas with a stripper deck.
20123 (M21-15-3)
Out of Stock
Force Deck 50-50 - Fox Lake - Bridge
Force the chosen card on the spectator.
20114 (M9-10-3)
In Stock
Haunted Deck - Italy (VDF)
A prediction involving three cards. Bridge size cards.
20059 (M10-13-4)
In Stock
Travelling Deck by Takel (MagicTao) with DVD - Red
Make almost the whole deck vanish.
In Stock
Botania Deck (VDF)
Choose the only two black cards in a deck of red ones.
19956 (M3-2-2)
In Stock
Predi-X-Ion Deck (FT)
The card marked will also be marked in a different deck.
In Stock
Mischievous Deck (FT)
A pair of kings and of queens are placed separately, face down. The cards change places, so the matched suit pairs come together. Then the entire deck is found to have shrunk into a miniature deck. Comes complete with special decks.
19835 (M14-13-2)
In Stock
Impression Deck (FT)
The card chosen by the spectator vanishes from inside the deck and case, and ends up imprinted on the outside of the box.
19773 (M10-3-3)
In Stock
Bicycle Utility Variety Gaff Deck
A pack of 48 utility cards: 12 Double Back (6 Red/Red,6 Blue/Blue), 6 Double Back (Red/Blue), 12 Blank Face (6 Red, 6 Blue), 6 Double Face, 6 Blank Back, 6 Double Blank.
19749 (M2-4-3)
In Stock
Alphabet Deck (FT)
This deck of cards includes 54 cards and every letter of the alphabet.
19580 (M1-7-2)
In Stock