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Color Changing Streamer - 45" Fabric (DF)
A black scarf quickly changes to a multicolor scarf. Effect can be reversed. 45" x 6".
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Sven Notes - NEON Edition (3 Post-It style SvenPads®)
Being Released at Blackpool 2018! 3 Neon Colored Post-It style note pads that hide the FORCING secrets within! Comes with 3 multi- colored customizable 3" x 3" pads, instructions and routine. Optional recommended Pen.
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Sven Notes (3 Post-It style SvenPads®)
3 Post-It style note pads that hide the FORCING secrets within! Each customizable pad is 3" x 3". Comes with instructions and routine. Optional recommended Pen (to add onto your sale).
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Flash Paper - 4 Sheets Per - Red Flame
Four sheets of white flash paper that burst into red colored flames when burning. (See video in Item Detail.)
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Flash Paper - 4 Sheets Per - Orange
F20856 *
Four sheets of orange colored flash paper that can burst into flames.
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Clown Noses - Sponge - 1.75" (Bulk 50 Per) - USA
50 bright red sponge ball clown noses, each 1.75" in diameter.
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Desire Test (Astor)
The Mentalist predicts the dominant desire of the spectator from amongst large picture cards previously shown to the spectator, using a transparent envelope and a whiteboard marker. Easy to learn.
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Tarantula II  (Mesika)
Tarantula II can produce real magic anytime, in any light condition. Operate completely hands-free without any special jewelry or clothing, right under a spectator’s nose, and completely surrounded. Easy to master.
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Messado Linking Rings and DVD Set
Large gauge, small circumference, custom alloy, precision weighted to give an exact center of gravity: black linking rings. Messado performs his full unique routines on his DVD, teaching you each move, in context.
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SvenPad® Elegance Rhodia Edition (Single):  NEW RELEASE!
The world's best forcing pads. Genuine Rhodia® memo pads made into SvenPads. Pages feel feather light and supple smooth, flip effortlessly. (4 x 6"/10.5 x 14.8 cm) Comes elegantly boxed, and includes a Uni-ball Signo gel ink pen.
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ABC Blocks
The blocks will magically change places and move.
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ABC Stung
Turn the letter "B" into a bee!
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Adairs Crown Jewel - Regular (FT)
The jewelry vanishes but reappears on the crown.
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Adairs Crown Jewel Stage Size (FT)
A great kid show effect! The jewel vanishes from the safe and reappears in the crown. Supplied complete with all required props, sturdily made in wood, with instructions.
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Adairs Triangle Production Box  (FT)
Performer produces silks, sponge balls, ribbons and streamers and other items from an empty triangular box. Sturdily made, attractively decorated, with illustrated instructions and ideas from Ian Adair.
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Adairs White Board Bat (FT)
Learn over 50 tricks to do with these paddles, booklet included.
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Amazing Sword Swallowing Mystery (FT)
Be able to swallow an entire three foot sword.
In stock
Appearing Bamboo Pole - 8 Feet
This 8 foot long bamboo stick appears out of thin air.
In stock
Appearing Bird Cage - Large (FT)
Produce a large bird cage, with a live bird inside, from under a silk, or from an empty large production box. Stainless steel. 21″ long and 3.75″ diameter folded, expanding to a bird cage 18″ in height and 15″ in diameter when produced.
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Appearing Broom - 4 Feet
This 4 foot long broom appears out of thin air.
In stock
Appearing Dagger (G&L)
The dagger is over one foot in length and appears out of nowhere.
In stock
Appearing Mop - 4 Feet
Quickly make a mop appear, over four feet in length.
In stock
Appearing Pencil - 8 Feet
Magically make an 8 foot pencil appear.
In stock
Appearing Shovel - 4.75 Feet
This 4.75 foot long shovel can me made to appear from your jacket, a paper bag, a top hat, or anything you want. Lots of routines. Great for winter.
In stock
Appearing Straw - 4 Feet
Make a 4 foot straw appear out of nowhere! Show your hands empty! Casually reach into your pocket or hat, and pull out a Jumbo Drinking Straw!
In stock
Appearing Straw - 8 Feet
Make an 8 foot straw appear out of nowhere!
In stock
Appearing Wand - 4 Feet
4 Feet long & lightning fast! Show your hands empty, then casually reach into your pocket or hat, and pull out a four foot long Magic Wand!
In stock
Appearing Wand - 8 Feet
Magically make an 8 foot wand appear.
In stock
Arm Chopper - Wood (FT)
This wood cutter goes through the arm but cuts the carrot.
In stock
Arsy Varsy Bottle (FT)
This bottle turns over when inside the tube.
In stock
Astrosphere (FT)
With ease make the ball float. Cloth and ball included.
In stock
Auto Production Cage with Silks (FT)
A Production Bird Cage that opens automatically. No twisting or snapping required. Cage is stainless steel, with rust free fittings made of aluminum and brass. Comes complete with silks.
In stock
Bag O Lites
A prop that helps you make red lights magically appear in an empty bag. Use with D'Lite.
In stock
Balloon Through Head Box
The balloons will replace the head of the spectator.
In stock
Balloon To Rabbit Box (FT)
The balloon in the box can magically turn into a rabbit.
In stock
Bangle Tangle - Mystery Box (FT)
A stage size version of the Kennard Mystery Box. A borrowed Bangle magically finds its way onto the center of a wand inside an empty cabinet. Supplied complete with cabinet, wand, an ungimmicked bangle and full instructions.
In stock
Behind Bars
The jailed man jumps from cell to cell, eventually getting caught.
In stock
Black Holes Prediction (Astor)
Spectator chooses 2 cards, then places a transparent plexi sheet over each (black circle and triangle). Magician takes 2 cards from PREDICTION envelope. It matches chosen cards AND geometric shape! No sleight of hand. Works with any deck.
In stock
Blades Through Arm
Within the box, the blades go through your arm but leave no marks.
In stock
Bongo Hat (E-ZX)
A children's "dress up" comedy effect, with an unexpected climax. A small hat is transformed in stages into a giant hat that covers the entire head of a spectator, with a monster face.
In stock
Book Of Magic (Magic Illusion)
Whatever is drawn in this book will come to life.
In stock
Breakaway Fan - Deluxe S.S.  (FT)
The magician can fix the fan after it breaks.
In stock
Breakaway Wand (FT)
The wand collapses when handed to a spectator.
In stock
Bunny Box Deluxe
The empty box is able to make a rabbit appear.
In stock
Bunny Hat (FT)
The hat selected will magically appear in the sealed envelope.
In stock
Card Sword - Deluxe (2 Part) (FT)
The card will always stab the selected cards.
In stock
Change Bag - One Hand - USA With Zipper
One handed, zippered change bag, to make items appear or disappear. 11.5" long, including the 5" wood handle; the bag itself is 10" long. Includes a trick guide.
In stock
Change Bag - One Hand - Velvet (FT)
A velvet version of this classic trick, with 48 page 101 Tricks booklet included.
In stock
Change Bag - One Hand (FT)
A well crafted change bag with a trick guide included.
In stock
Change Bag - One Hand with Zipper (FT)
This change bag includes a zipper for easy use. Measures 11.25" length from tip of handle (including the 6" diameter circle and a 5.25" handle). The bag itself is 11.5" long from top to bottom.
In stock
Change Bag, Repeat - Red Velvet (FT)
This velvet bag is capable of performing twice in one trick.
In stock
Cheat Handcuffs
This is for a small stage magic show. Use these Handcuffs to have a spectator lock your hands up tightly. Without using a key, easily break free.
In stock
Chick Pan - Single (Ickle Pickle)
The classic "dove" pan trick in baby chick size! The classic "dove" pan trick in baby chick size! Produce whatever you can fit inside... this pan is clipless.
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Chinese Linking Rings - 10" SS Economy (FT)
Eight 10" stainless steel rings magically link together before their eyes
In stock
Chinese Linking Rings - 12" Economy (FT)
Eight rings measuring 12" in diameter including an instructional booklet.
In stock
Chinese Linking Rings 8" S.S. - Economy (FT)
Eight 8" stainless steel rings can magically link together.
In stock