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Minimum Order    USA: $100     Int'l: $200
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1.  MINIMUM ITEMS:  In the Excel spreadsheet Price List, the last column to the right is labeled “Minimums,” indicating the minimum pieces of each item that must be ordered.  Any item priced at $1.50 each or less:  The minimum is listed, which is usually the original box pack.  Box pre-packs change.  Example:  If Magic Cup and Ball is $0.80 each, it may be packed two (2) dozen per box. 


Any item priced between $1.51 each and $18.00 each:  a total of $18.00 of each item.  Example:  If Bite Out Quarter sells for $4.50 each, then a minimum is four (4) pieces, totaling $18.00.


Any item priced between $18.01 each and $49.99 each:  two (2) or more of each item.  Any item over $50.00 each:  one piece minimum. 



Some fragile items are shipped only in the original protective packaging.  Items packed in display boxes will be shipped as complete displays only.  They can not be broken up without destroying the displays.


3.  TOTAL MINIMUM DOMESTIC ORDER:  In the United States, the total minimum order must exceed $100.00 for merchandise.  


4.  TOTAL MINIMUM EXPORT ORDER:  Outside of the United States, the total minimum export order is $200.00.


5.  SAMPLES:  With each wholesale order of $100.00 or more at the standard minimums, up to four (4) single samples can be ordered without any surcharges.  Samples cannot be ordered alone.  If more than four samples per order are added, then there is a sample charge of $1.50 for each sample exceeding four.  No more than 8 samples may be ordered.  EXAMPLE:  If 8 single samples are ordered, 4 samples cost the regular wholesale cost, and the remaining 4 would cost wholesale plus $1.50 each.  Any items ordered in less than the minimums described are considered samples.


6.  PLEASE NOTE THAT PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.  Our In-House Master Price List takes final precedence and governs the final price of items each day.  Prices listed online in the Excel lists are corrected frequently, so use them as a guide to order.  We will notify customers about any major price changes prior to shipping the order.  We will make minor price variations on orders, without notification, as price changes occur. 


7.  BACK ORDERS:  Each order for an out of stock item totaling $50.00 or more, when ordered, will automatically be back ordered.  If the item ordered is under $50, then the order for that item will be cancelled. We do not charge you for back ordered items, we only charge you for ordered items shipped.  When back orders are available, you will be notified.  REORDERS ON BACK ORDERED ITEMS MUST BE PART OF A NEW MINIMUM ORDER. 


8.  VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS or DISCOVER are accepted on all orders. Large first time orders may require account verification. 


9.  SPECIAL DEALS:  We will honor all special deals made by manufacturers of items we distribute.  Send a DATED copy of the offer with your order.


10.  SHIPPING:  We try to ship all orders the same day they are received.  Sometimes seasonal rush or item shortages cause delays.  Try to send orders early enough so that a few days delay will not inconvenience you.  We will ship the cheapest and fastest way unless special routing is requested.  Most shipments are sent via United Parcel Service or if residential, via FedEx Home Delivery.


11.  CLAIMS AND RETURNS:  No claims for shortages or damage will be allowed unless written notice is received within ten days of receipt of shipment.  Please notify us immediately if the entire lot of one item is defective.  Do not make deductions from payments or invoices until a credit memo is received by you for the return.  Returns are allowed only on defective or damaged goods that are not the responsibility of the common carrier.  Include a packing list detailing the name of the item, quantity and your cost.


No credit for returns valued at less than $100.00, except once per year.  Please accumulate defective goods until you have at least $100.00 worth. You can make a return at any time if you have more than $100.00 in defective or broken merchandise. 


12.  NEW ACCOUNTS:  All new customers must send payment with their order.  Please remit by bank or postal money order to avoid delay in shipment, or charge to Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. 


13.  ONLINE and E-MAIL ORDERS:  Send your order to us at your convenience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Orders can be placed online or email.  If more convenient, you can also send orders by Post Office mail.  We start processing orders the first thing in the morning.  In most cases, these orders are shipped the same day.


14.  PHONE ORDERS:  Our phone order department is open Monday through Friday from 7:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. EST.  Please have all order information written down in advance of your phone call, including the correct name and product number if applicable.  Long orders may have to be e-mailed to us during seasonal rushes, at our option.


15.  PICK UP ORDERS:  Orders can be sent in for a later pick up.  New accounts must send in a deposit with mail orders or use a credit card, and then pay with cash, money order or charge card.  We have no showroom, so all orders must be made by using our website.  You can also drop your order off and return when it will be ready.  Indicate the time when you want to pick up.  Include your contact numbers in case we have questions.



Ordering Information as of 2017  (Last Revised 06.01.17)

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