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Latest News From D. Robbins


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Featured Items
Nested Coin Box (FT)
22157 (M3-10-4)
The performer borrows a coin, which can be marked. It is covered by a handkerchief, and given to a spectator to hold.
In Stock
Milk Jug - Large (FT)
22118 (M5-18-1)
The Milk Jug allows you to visibly pour liquid out of the Jug, and vanish it. The apparatus we supply resembles a large milk pitcher. It's made of Polycarbonate and is highly durable.
In Stock
Magic Bag Production (FT)
22117 (M2-16-2)
The performer displays an empty bag. Reaching into the bag he produces a large block 4.5 inches x 4.5 inches in size, then another block pops out of the bag, and another…a total of six blocks in six different colors.
In Stock
Svengali Pad (FT)
22088 (M10-14-3)
The Svengali Pad is an invaluable accessory for mental magic - it can be used to force words, numbers, designs, colors, playing cards, or anything you can write or draw on a piece of paper.
In Stock
Double Load Dove Pan (FT)
21929 (R7-3-1.2)
The Magician shows an empty Pan.The pan is covered, and when it is opened a live Dove or similar live stock appears. The pan is covered again and a different items appears.
In Stock
Magic Bag (FT)
21871 (M5-12-2)
An empty bag produces six (6) colorful blocks! The performer displays an empty bag. The audience can look right into this, and see it is completely empty. Reaching inside, the magician produces a solid block in glitter color, then 5 more!
In Stock
Sand Expand A Pail - Each or Display of 12
21303 (R2-4-4)
Pails collapse down for maximum space savings. Two shapes: circular and square. Both are great. We'll choose for you. Buy 12 for a full display.
In Stock
Royal Secrets of Great Magicians Set - FM 540 Magic Kit
20303 (F1-1-3.4)
Inside this deluxe magic kit you'll find props and instructions for over 100 incredible tricks.
In Stock
Deluxe Magic Kit  (TM)
20162 (F6-3-1)
Learn over 50 tricks with this Deluxe Magic Kit.
In Stock
Tarbell Complete Course in Magic - Vol. 1-8 (Lessons 1-103, 3 Indexes)
BK19179 (kit)
The full 8 volume set of the "Tarbell Course in Magic" by Harlan Tarbell. Includes Lessons 1-103. Volume 7 contains 'The Last Word,' a Title Index, a Name Index and a Category Index for Volumes 1-7. MAP price: $249.95
Out of Stock
Cut No Cut Scissors - Silver Plated (FT)
18808 (M3-8-3)
Bright silver plated pair of scissors that cut for you, but will lock in either the closed or open positions when handed to a spectator. Makes for a funny routine.
In Stock
13 Steps to Mentalism by Corinda
BK14726 (L10-1-1,2,3,4)
Corinda produced a now classic encyclopedia of mental magic. Topics include Telepathy, precognition, cold reading, hot reading & more. 424 Pages, fully illustrated, hardcover. Printed on high quality 60 lb opaque paper. MAP price: $30.95.
In Stock
Best Sellers
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Fake Severed Ear
22169 (M1-6-4)
Fake Severed Ear - great joke - practical prank. Can be used as a costume accessory. Each piece on a blister card.
In Stock
Sitta Traffic Light Silk set (VDF)
22164 (M4-3-4)
A fun traffic light routine with three silks representing a traffic light (one without any colored light, one with two lights and one with three colored lights), plus three silks, one red, one yellow, and one green. Change bag is sold separately.
In Stock
Card Wallet Untricked - Double (FT)
22163 (M1-6-3)
Vinyl folders with two windows to hold cards, packet effects, even coins. Available by pieces - 6 minimum. Double pocket. Single is Item 11905.
In Stock
Predicto - Terror Edition
22160 (M1-6-3)
Show a stack of classic scary movie characters (Godzilla, Jaws, The Mummy, Wolfman etc…) - your spectator picks one! You get the prediction wrong four times! What?! Then the prediction cards are flipped over to reveal the correct monster!
In Stock
Predicto - Superheroes
22159 (M2-9-3)
A superhero name card is chosen and looked at by ONLY the spectator. You make four guesses and are all incorrect!! But then you flip over each one of your incorrect guess cards and they make up a BIG HAND DRAWN PICTURE of the CHOSEN SUPERHERO!
In Stock
Clear Coin Vanish - Pack of 12 (FT)
22158 (M2-9-3)
A coin, trapped between clear pieces of plastic, secured with rubber bands, disappears without a trace.
In Stock
Nested Coin Box (FT)
22157 (M3-10-4)
The performer borrows a coin, which can be marked. It is covered by a handkerchief, and given to a spectator to hold.
In Stock
Trapezoid Water Vase (FT)
22156 (M4-5-4)
A piece of paper is placed over the mouth of a small vase, filled with water, then turned upside down. The paper and water stays in place. The paper is removed, but the water remains inside the inverted vase.
In Stock
Bulk no instructions or packaging.
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