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18 and Up Card Cocktails (FT)
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18 and Up Card Cocktails (FT)
18 and Up Card Cocktails (FT)
Item #: 21851 (M1-1-3)
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18 drink cards and a wallet for a bunch of cocktail or bar routines!


18 is the legal age at which you can drink at a bar, and legitimately watch the routines in this outfit!


Or it could be the number of cards you get in this outfit, or the number of routines detailed for you in this manuscript of routines. 


Magic ‘at the bar’, or for a partying adult audience, gives you an excellent performing platform. You have an audience with the time and inclination to watch, observation skills that are not at their peak, and where a little entertainment goes a long way. You have an audience that is ripe for the type of effects this kit offers – all revolving around beverages needing with no exceptional skill or sleights. 

Most of the effects are completely self-working, just follow the instructions. Others require a small amount of manipulation, well within the reach of the most modest closeup performer. These effects could just as easily be performed at a restaurant table, at a hotel, garden party or private function – anywhere close-up magic and drinks may combine!

We supply you 18 “drink” cards, (in an attractive wallet), and a 24 page book of routines to perform with the cards. There are some 18 routines, plus variations.


Pick up the cards, follow the instructions, and we guarantee you some great entertainment at your next party, restaurant or pub session!


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18 drink cards and a wallet for a bunch of cocktail or bar routines!