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3D Rabbits - Ammar
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3D Rabbits - Ammar
3D Rabbits - Ammar
Item #: 18445 (M22-10-2)
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Mama Rabbit and Papa Rabbit are introduced. Spectator holds Mama in her closed hand, while Papa disappears! Open hand and Papa has magically joined Mama! Now spectator holds both. When she opens her hand, there are screams of amazement, an entire family of 5 adorable Baby Bunnies have magically appeared, joining Mama and Papa Rabbits! Great close-up trick.

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Adair's Carrot Culprit (FT)
20371 (M1-2-3)
A jumbo size picture of a carrot is turned into a picture of a well- nibbled carrot. When children insist on seeing "the other side," the picture is of a bunny rabbit, nibbling the carrot. A nice sucker trick that packs flat and plays big.
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Dacri Giant 3D Bunny Set (Goshman)
19671 (M6-5-4)
Perfect for the classic multiplying rabbit routine. Tan, with brown ears and spots. Includes 6 bunnies: a large bunny, 4.5 inches from nose to tail and 2 inches tall, and five small bunnies.
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Multiplying Rabbits (Empire)
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Super soft bunnies! A cute trick that takes place in the spectator's hand! (Each / zip lock bag with insert card.)
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Rabbits Rabbits Everywhere - Large
18222 (M17-15-3)
The large version of this sponge rabbit trick. "Mama" and "Papa" rabbits are 2.5".
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Big Bunny (Goshman)
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An 8" red sponge bunny.
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Ultrasoft Sponge Red Bunny  2" - Bulk Bag of 50 (Goshman)
Sponge bunnies for a great climax to your routine.
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Rabbits Rabbits Everywhere - Small
Sponge rabbits jump back and forth from spectator's hand to performer's hand, and from performer's pocket to the spectator's hand and everywhere else in between!
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An entire family of 5 adorable Baby Bunnies magically appear, 
joining Mama and Papa Rabbits! Great close-up trick.