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Atomic Glass Penetration
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Atomic Glass Penetration
Atomic Glass Penetration
Item #: 20120 (M1-16-2)
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This is one of the strongest, most visual penetrations available on the market. The magic appears to happen in a split second and the best part - everything may be examined at the end of the effect!

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Button Penetration (FT)
The button will go right through the box.
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Impossible Die Escape
18299 (M10-3-4)
Easy to learn, clever close-up penetration effect. A die locked securely into a tube with the help of a magic wand magically penetrates the wand at the command of the magician. All apparatus can be freely checked by the spectator.
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Royal Penetration Frame
11794 (M18-2-1)
The card is punctured but no hole is left.
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Matchbox Penetration - Brass Block (FT)
10453 (M14-2-4)
A string is pulled through a matchbox, revealed to contain a seemingly solid brass block.
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Bicycle Anne Stokes Age of Dragons Playing Cards
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Appearing Wand - SS Economy PC (FT)
19663 (M1-14-1)
Expand this stainless steel wand from 4" to 20".
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Famous Penny to Dime with Metal Bang Ring
F11530 *
These simple coins have a few tricks up their sleeve. Make a dime pass through your hand! Many variations on this trick too. Both coins can immediately be examined! Includes metal bang ring.
Out of Stock

An incredible fast trick. Don't blink!