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Empire Magic Collection Kit #9
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Empire Magic Collection Kit #9
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Four easy to do tricks with illustrated instructions.  Each printed box includes 4 Easy-To-Do Tricks. Includes: Magic Linking Rings (3 rings are shown to the audience, and then they are magically linked onto a chain), Magic Rope & Vase (one end of a rope is dropped into a vase, and then the rope & vase magically stick together), Magic Card Frame (a pencil is pushed through a signed playing card and plastic window - the card is damaged and has a hole, but the window is unharmed), Magic Ball Escape (a ball threaded on two strings and then placed in a clear box, magically escapes).

Empire Magic Collection Kit #9
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Linking Rope Loops (FT)
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Magician asks 2 spectators to each tie a knot into their 30" rope. Magician ties knot in third rope. Then he links the solid rings of rope. Spectators can untie the knots to verify that the knots are genuine.
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Royal Chinese Prayer Vase
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Ball and Vase  Chrome - Carded (TM)
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Jack Millers Linking Ring Routine
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A collection of four easy to learn magic tricks. Magic Linking 
Rings, Magic Rope & Vase, Magic Card Frame, and Magic Ball Escape.