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Tenyo Flying Carpet T-251
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Tenyo Flying Carpet T-251
Tenyo Flying Carpet T-251
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With Tenyo Flying Carpet you can achieve the dream of floating in mid-air in a living room, at a trade show booth, at a sales meeting, just about anywhere! The spectators need only put on a pair of the 3D glasses, and they will see your body floating right in front of their eyes. New-generation of magic! Flying Carpet was invented by Lubor Fiedler, and well-made by Tenyo (Japan).This extremely unique illusion is created through the use of a filter that distorts the users depth perception, plus special materials that take advantage of this visual principle.

Because of 3-D illusion filter and special materials, you can enjoy this profoundly amazing optical magic. This illusion is not just happening in books, pictures, or even just movies; the illusion is definitely happening in our real world. This item comes with 2 magical eye glasses, so 2 persons can enjoy the illusion at the same time. You may finish your show while they are wearing glasses, however, let them take off the glass while they are enjoying. They will be surprised with the big gap between wearing glasses or not. You can also pass the glasses from one person to another person in turns. Hearing the woow and aahs of the spectators currently experiencing the effect makes the next in line anxiously anticipate the fun surprise. Each and every spectator will show that they cannot wait!!! The audience will watch as you float your own body in midf-air! This.This is the first time that you can create such a visual magic effect in front of a live audience, with actual physical object.

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With Tenyo Flying Carpet you can achieve the dream of floating in 
mid-air in a living room, at a trade show booth, at a sales meeting, 
kids party, just about anywhere!