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Tenyo Millionaires Dream T-239
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Tenyo Millionaires Dream T-239
Tenyo Millionaires Dream T-239
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An apparently endless number of coins mysteriously rise up from within a folded dollar bill. The last coin magically transforms into another dollar bill.  Tenyo has made the popular Misers Dream effect easy to learn, by incorporating two gimmicks - one hidden in the dollar, and the other within the paper bag. The structure of the dollar bill gimmick is identical to one published by Mike Bornstein roughly 30 years ago. The gimmick has been improved so that your dollar bill is not damaged during the simple preparation of the bill. The paper bag allows you to finish the routine with a solid climax, worthy of professional magicians.

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Popular Misers Dream effect that is easy to learn. Produce countless 
coins from the dollar bill!