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Adairs Added Surprise (FT)
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Adairs Added Surprise (FT)
Adairs Added Surprise (FT)
Item #: 22106 (M2-6-1)
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The performer displays an envelope, stating that inside it is a card printed on both sides – each side showing a different playing card image, this being his prediction.

Two spectators select cards from a deck: Eg: The Six of Spades and the Eight of Spades.
He approaches the first spectator, as he removes the card and displays this to the audience. It’s the ACE OF DIAMONDS. The performer shakes his head and says: “I think my prediction is wrong….what about the other side, the FOUR OF DIAMONDS. – no, I don’t think so.”

Approaching the second spectator, he reverses the card again, and the image has magically changed – it displays the THREE OF DIAMONDS! Shaking his head again, he reverses the card, still facing the second spectator. This side now displays the SIX OF DIAMONDS!
“Will you please give me two more chances?” the performer asks. Moments later the image on the card changes to the FIVE OF DIAMONDS.
Knowing that his prediction of both chosen cards have failed five times, he reverses the card for the final time, saying: ”I’m sure the playing card image on the reverse side will display the image of at least one of the spectator’s cards.”

When the card is reversed it only bears the image of one card - THE 14 OF SPADES!!! The audience bursts into laughter – they’ve never heard of, or seen such a card! – How did it manage to appear on the card at all?

He asks the first spectator to say aloud the name of his chosen card – The Six of Spades then asks the second to name his card – The Eight of Spades.
He quips: “Ah!…the 6 of Spades and the 8 of Spades…6 and eight total 14...the 14 of Spades.”
More laughter! The performer has predicted both cards in a very unusual manner, after the audience has witnessed 6 different magical changes on the to sides of ONE card..

Resetting? Blink or wink and it’s done! Very easy to do.

We supply this as a complete item, with special card, envelope and detailed instructions – an absolute bargain for the entertainment it provides.

Enjoy this video demonstration:

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Ian Adair has created a novel combination of the old Pip Card that 
was probably part of every performer’s first magic set, and a 
popular gag card, to make for an entertaining routine for any