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Adair's Carrot Culprit (FT)
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Adair's Carrot Culprit (FT)
Adair's Carrot Culprit (FT)
Item #: 20371 (M1-1-3)
Unit: Each

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Performer displays a JUMBO size card with a picture of a carrot and places it inside an empty envelope. He secretly (but obvious to the audience) reverses this, so that when the card comes out it is a picture of a well-nibbled carrot. The children realize "It’s on the other side!" When the children ask to see the other side the performer reverses it to show a picture of a bunny rabbit, nibbling the carrot. A nice sucker trick that packs flat and plays big. Pack of 6.


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A jumbo size picture of a carrot is turned into a picture of a well- 
nibbled carrot. When children insist on seeing "the other side," the 
picture is of a bunny rabbit, nibbling the carrot. A nice sucker 
trick that packs flat and plays big.