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Adairs Confusin' Cubes (FT)
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Adairs Confusin' Cubes (FT)
Adairs Confusin' Cubes (FT)
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Secured on a clear steel rod with stoppers at both ends are 3 nylon foam cubes, 2 yellow and 1 red. Magician explains that the cubes cannot come off either end of the rod because of the stoppers. He also explains that no matter which way the rod is held the red cube is always to the outside. He drapes a silk over the rod and snaps his fingers. When the silk is withdrawn, it is seen that the red cube has miraculously jumped into the center. The rod can then be given out for examination and the spectators will find it impossible to change the sequence in any way. An excellent prop for the children's performer.

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These red and yellow foam cubes cannot come off the end of the steel rod, yet the red cube magically moves from the end to the center with a snap of the finger.