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Adairs Crown Jewel Stage Size (FT)
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Adairs Crown Jewel Stage Size (FT)
Adairs Crown Jewel Stage Size (FT)
Item #: 15010 (M1-3-3.M30-13-2)
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A great kid show effect!  The jewel vanishes from the safe and reappears in the crown.  2 completely different effects blended in one great routine. The Crown works like Forgetful Fred (you can eliminate the safe and vanish the jewel in a change bag) and the safe (like the die box). Supplied complete with all required props, sturdily made in wood, with instructions.  Crown is approx. 16" long, and stands 8" high. The Jewel is a large 3.5" diameter. Safe measures 9.5" long, 2" thick, and 4.5" high.

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A great kid show effect! The jewel vanishes from the safe and 
reappears in the crown. Supplied complete with all required props, 
sturdily made in wood, with instructions.