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Adairs Magic Spell (FT)
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Adairs Magic Spell (FT)
Adairs Magic Spell (FT)
Item #: 20500 (M1-4-1)
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Performer displays 6 square panels, and lays one aside!  A spectator is invited to spell M-A-G-I-C, and the panel arrived at the letter "C" is placed aside as his selection. This is repeated with three more spectators, leaving the last panel for the performer. The four spectators turn over
their panels - they are all blank. When performer turns over his panel, it shows the picture of a rabbit. The panel placed aside is turned over to display a top hat. "That's a real MAGIC Spell".

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Magic Secret Marked Cards #6969
13771 (M13-13-3, 40-11-2)
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Magic Fire Wallet (TM)
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Adairs Jolly Lollies  (FT)
20316 (M1-4-3)
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Ring off Spoon (FT)
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Sponge Balls - 1.5" - Supersoft Ultrabrite - Assorted - Pack of 4
9457 (M20-3-3)
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A cute self working pocket effect, ready for use any time, any place!  We supply the 6 panels, about 2.5″ square, sturdily made, and lacquered, along with the instructions that make this almost automatic in performance.