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Adair's Productivity in Wallet (FT)
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Adair's Productivity in Wallet (FT)
Adair's Productivity in Wallet (FT)
Item #: 20269 (R2-1-6)
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The Magician shows 5 cards with pictures of five popular grocery items. On the reverse of the cards, there is a barcode, but all these barcodes are identical. The cards are mixed, and a spectator asked to pick any card, while the magician looks away. There is no force of any type. Yet the performer is immediately able to identify the selected card. This can be repeated as often as you like. We supply the five cards with Ian's own instructions.

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Tenyo Mental Bento T-277
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Mini Mentalism Murder Mysteries Set by Lorraine Moran
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A packet card trick.  Magician identifies the selected card from 
amongst cards of five popular grocery items.  No force of any kind.