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Adairs Triangle Production Box (FT)
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Adairs Triangle Production Box (FT)
Adairs Triangle Production Box (FT)
Item #: 20435 (M1-6-2)
Unit: Each

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Performer displays a triangular box on both sides.  He then opens out the front to display it completely empty inside.  Audience can see entire inside of box, and the middle section through a cut out in the panel which they can see right through.  Box is again closed and a variety of items like silks, sponge balls, ribbons and streamers are produced from this.  Sturdily made, attractively decorated and supplied complete with illustrated instructions and various ideas by Ian Adair for its use.

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Rabbit Production Box (FT)
Performer displays an open top, cut out front, empty box. A dagger pierces the box from side to side. Cover the front for an instant, and a small bunny, other small animal, silks, flower or other prop appears in the box.
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Flower Box Production Empire
17821 (M9-5-4)
Three exquisite flower arrangements come from the empty bag.
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Elephant Production Silk 45"
Pull this elephant silk out of your hat.
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Adairs Carnival Ribbons - Large (FT)
14023 (M1-2-4)
Make large scale items appear from within the ribbons.
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Top Hat Production Box
A top hat designed box magically has dove or rabbits appear.
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Foil Production Coils #10 (FT)
13006 (M9-8-1)
10 colored streamers that can be produced from your mouth.
In Stock

Coin Production Silk (FT)
With this silk, you can make coins appear or vanish with ease. On one side this appears as a completely plain silk, and it can be left on view for extreme close up use.
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Ghost Cabinet
21030 (M9-16-4)
Nothing is inside the beautifully crafted cabinet. Look again! A large glass is there. Look again! Now a ball is there. For audiences of all ages!
In Stock

Production Bunny - Rubber
4 1/2" rubber bunny, useful as a production item and in change bags, mirror boxes and props with a small load chamber.
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Flash Paper - 4 Sheets Per - Black
18756 (F1-3)
Four sheets of black paper that can burst into flames.
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Die to Ball (Growing)
18470 (M7-1-2)
A tiny die turns into a ball several times its size.
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Breakaway Fan - Deluxe S.S. (FT)
12931 (M3-4-2)
Great laugh producer! During your performance, open the fan to "magically" fan some object. Then ask an audience member to help and hold the fan. When they do, it FALLS APART. When you take back the fan and open it, it is restored again. Repeatable.
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Magic the Complete Course by J. Jay - Book with DVD
19313 (L7-2-1)
Jay teaches over 35 tricks in this complete book.
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Drinking Dipping Dippy Bird
20475 (M7-14-3)
High quality novelty glass Drinking Dipping Dippy Bird.
In Stock

Performer produces silks, sponge balls, ribbons and streamers and 
other items from an empty triangular box. Sturdily made, 
attractively decorated, with illustrated instructions and ideas from 
Ian Adair.