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Amazing Silk Vanish  (FT)
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Amazing Silk Vanish  (FT)
Amazing Silk Vanish (FT)
Item #: 14071 (M1-8-3)
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A silk handkerchief is pushed into the empty fist. The hand is then opened to show the hanky has vanished! Alternately a silk hanky can be produced from the empty hand. Supplied with a silk hanky, the special gimmick and instructions.
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Perpetual Motion
The magnetic thumb tip will make the two steel rings hang and spin, defying gravity, for a long time.
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Dye Tube - Vernet
The classic utility device. Similar uses as a thumb tip, but also great for color-changing silks.
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Vernet False Finger Set
A set of 5 different Thumb Tips and Finger Tips. Includes Thumb Tip Classic, Little Tip, Finger Tip, and the curved Sixth Finger (Normal) and Sixth Finger (Large).
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Vernet Thumb Tip - Soft - Junior - Pack of 12
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Vernet Magnetic Thumb Tip
Vernet Thumb Tip combined with a powerful magnet makes this a very useful gimmick that allows you to perform many PK miracle effects. Stop a watch, suspend a spoon, perform Chop Cup with a plastic cup.
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Vernet Thumb Tip - Soft Classic - Pack of 12
Regular sized thumb tip, made of new material with new texture (not rubber). Normal sized, classic realistic thumb tip. Exact copy of a human thumb. Pack of 12.
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Cracked Cell Phone Screen
20643 (M6-16-3)
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10327 (M9-12-3)
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10105 (M7-3-4)
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Card through Coaster (FT)
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Make the silk disappear in your hand or appear from nowhere.