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American Flag Blendo (E-ZX)
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American Flag Blendo (E-ZX)
American Flag Blendo (E-ZX)
Item #: 19860 (M1-9-5)
Unit: Each

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Performer displays a black bag approximately 8" x 10" in size. In a flash it transforms into a large American flag about 36" long and 22" wide which can be shown on both sides. The performer could place a couple of silks into the bag (say Red, White and Blue), or any other similar items (for example his gloves) which vanish with the bag, as the flag appears. The item is easy to perform, with the special apparatus supplied. Click here to see a video demonstration!

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This new double-sided model of the Flag Blendo turns a small silk 
into a giant American flag, 36" long x 22" wide.