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Andy Comic DVD Magic Tricks - Chinese Sticks
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Andy Comic DVD Magic Tricks - Chinese Sticks
Andy Comic DVD Magic Tricks - Chinese Sticks
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Chinese Sticks. 1 of 19 DVDs on sale - short demonstrations and instructions. They are intended as an add on sale for the prop being sold of as a loop demonstration on your screen.

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Chinese Sticks (VDF)
20496 (M4-12-2)
Out of each of two sticks comes a tassel, to which a thin rope is tied. Pull downward on one of them and the other one will go up, or vice-versa, even if you move the two ends of the sticks away from each other. 11 inches (27 cm) long.
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Chinese Sticks 14" Red Wooden (FT)
These two wooden sticks effect one another without being attached.
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Magic Chinese Sticks PBH #5718
18672 (M12-7-2)
The one string connecting the sticks can be separated with magic!
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A DVD presented by Andy Comic explaining the chinese sticks.