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Qualatex Traditional Animal Twisting Balloons 260Q 100 per bag
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Qualatex Traditional Animal Twisting Balloons 260Q 100 per bag
Qualatex Traditional Animal Twisting Balloons 260Q 100 per bag
Item #: BAL18128 (M1-10-3,1-10-5)
Unit: Bag

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High quality, colorful Traditional Assortment of twisting balloons made by Qualatex. The 260's are made especially for creating an endless variety of balloon sculpture.  They are great for balloon characters, decorations, hats, and story-telling props.  Kids, adults, everybody loves them.  100 per bag.

Traditional Colors May Include: mandarin orange, pink, pale blue, white, emerald green, sapphire blue, quartz purple, ruby red, citrine yellow, and onyx Black.


We also have balloon pumps, to make inflating easier and faster.


Qualatex 260Q balloons are 2" wide and 60" long when fully inflated.  260Q twisting balloons are designed to be used with air only and are not meant to be used with helium.
Qualatex 260Q balloons are made of natural rubber and are 100% biodegradable. There are many uses for these balloons but the main use would be creating balloons animals, swords and flowers. If you are looking to start a career in balloon twisting, these Qualatex 260Q balloons are the balloons you want to start with. 260Q balloons are the standardized balloon size for creating fun balloon objects & characters at kids' parties, corporate parties & special events.


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Colored Traditional Assortment Qualatex 260Q (2" x 60") sculpturing 
balloons. 100 per bag. Discount for 10 or more bags.