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Animated Drink (FT)
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Animated Drink (FT)
Animated Drink (FT)
Item #: 22074 (M2-17-4)
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Performer displays a picture of a glass, waves his hand over it and it instantly fills with a drink.Then the performer drinks it through a straw!


This is a novel animated picture effect.


The drink is yellowish – orange in color and can be used to discribe Orange Juice, Ginger Ale or Tea for kid shows or even beer for an older audience.


Then the  magician inserts a real straw into the drink and begins to take a drink. The drink visibly vanishes. Alternately a spectator is handed a straw and invited to suck on it. As he sucks on the straw the drink in the picture visibly diminishes, till the glass is empty.


Beautifully laminated and made from board. The prop measures a large 8″ x 11" and is ideal for kid and comedy shows.


Please use any straw.


Enjoy this video demonstration:

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Performer displays a picture of a glass, waves his hand over it and 
it instantly fills with a drink.Then the performer drinks it through 
a straw!