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Appearing Candy Stick (Uday)
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Appearing Candy Stick (Uday)
Appearing Candy Stick (Uday)
Item #: 21994 (R5-1-3)
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Shazam! This 8 foot long red and white candy cane appears out of your Santa Hat, Santa change bag, or a small gift bag.


Santa or the Magician shows a Santa Hat or small gift bag, then tells a story of how the North Pole elves have a large appetite for small candy sticks, so Santa makes each hard-working elf a special candy stick. 


The magician or Santa reaches into the small gift bag and produces a large 8-foot candy stick!



(Please do not try to eat the Appearing Candy Stick.)


Please note: When you receive your appearing item, open it and leave it open until the day before, or hours before, performing. Always store it open. Here's a great video from Uday with more information. Also, his idea of having a bag with a hole in the back so you can turn it over, making it appear empty, is great!

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Shazam! This 8 foot long red and white candy cane appears out of 
your Santa Hat, Santa change bag, or a small gift bag.