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Appearing Wand - 19.5" (VDF)
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Appearing Wand - 19.5" (VDF)
Appearing Wand - 19.5" (VDF)
Item #: 21227 (M1-14-2)
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The performer instantly and magically makes a magic wand 19.5" (50 cm) long, appear from nowhere!
The wand can be produced from anywhere you wish: from your hands, from a small bag, from your wallet, from your shoe, from your pocket, from a hat… and from anywhere your imagination will suggest to you! The appearance is easy to perform, and is ideal for any kind of audience.
Diameter of the wand is about 0.4" (1 cm).

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The performer instantly and magically makes a magic wand appear from 
nowhere! 19.5" inches long, 0.4" in diameter.