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Around The World With A Magician And A Juggler - Burlingame
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Around The World With A Magician And A Juggler - Burlingame
Around The World With A Magician And A Juggler - Burlingame
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H.J. Burlingame's 'Around the World with a Magician and a Juggler' has become a genuine rarity.  Now reprinted, this important work contains the only attempts at full biographies of Professor (Hartwig) Seeman and William D'Alvini, with further scarce information on the lives and performances of Ernesto Patrizio and Bellachini, all prominent and successful magicians of their day, and now largely forgotten. Also included is Bellachini's presentation and method for the classic Eggs from Mouth effect (which he is said to have originated), and Dr. Max Dessoir's seminal study on the Psychology of the Art of Conjuring.  Hardbound, 172 pages.  Originally published in 1891.



5 Chapter I Introductory Remarks
11 Chapter II Life Of Professor Seeman
16 Chapter III Thrilling Experiences With Ole Bull
22 Chapter IV A Visit To The Pyramids - The Shooting Adventure With The Mussulmen
33 Chapter V The Czar Befriends The Magician - Tricks Of Prof. Alexander With Ole Bull
45 Chapter VI To England, Africa And India - teaching Magic To The Zulus
52 Chapter VII Experiences With A Great Fakir
58 Chapter VIII A Problem Solved
65 Chapter IX Martin Luther's Wedding Ring - Seeman Unmasks A Clairvoyant - A Wholesale Treat
73 Chapter X William D'Alvini, "Jap Of Japs" - Early Life - English And Continental Contracts In Detail
89 Chapter XI The First Japanese Troupe - Indian Jugglers And Their Feats
98 Chapter XII To South America With Patrizio - The Patrizio Contract
104 Chapter XIII D'Alvini's Experiences In The West Indies - Performances For A "Struggling Cemetery" - Fistic Powers - Spiritualistic Excitement
171 Chapter XIV D'Alvini In The United States
121 Chapter XV Reminiscences Of D'Alvini
127 Chapter XVI D'Alvini's Programmes - Before The Footlights - Behind The Scenes - "Jap Of Japs" Juggling And Conjuring Programmes As Written Out By Himself
137 Chapter XVII Psychology Of The Art Of Conjuring
166 Chapter XVIII Bellachini

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Learn both magic tricks and juggling acts. Unique Experiences in Many Lands. From the Papers of the late Baron Hartwig Seeman, “The Emperor of Magicians” and William D’Alvini, Juggler, “Jap of Japs”.