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Backstage - Comedy and Mystery
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Backstage - Comedy and Mystery
Backstage - Comedy and Mystery
Item #: 21468 (M2-17-4)
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You take the audience "backstage" to show how a magician vanishes a card. After showing how the card "vanishes" by dropping it underneath the platform between 2 plaques, you show the effect again, from the front. Turning the platform around, you show that the card has dropped again - but upon turning the platform back around one more time - you suddenly rip off the drape revealing the card has vanished completely! Beautifully made equipment.  The card is 6.5" x 4.5".

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A fun trick where the magician takes the audience 'backstage' to see 
how the magic is done! But in the end, she still fools them! 
Packs small, plays big!