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Ball and Vase Chrome - Carded (TM)
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Ball and Vase Chrome - Carded (TM)
Ball and Vase Chrome - Carded (TM)
Item #: 20851 (M2-16-1)
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Show a ball resting in the vase. Cover it and push on the top - it magically drops out the bottom! Place the ball in your pocket - it jumps back to the vase! Then reappears! This is repeated until finally the ball jumps from one pocket to the other and everything can be examined! Includes basic and advanced routine.  Blister card with instructions.

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Coin Vase Deluxe Wood (FT)
22077 (M7-13-4)
A borrowed coin is placed on a pedestal and covered. When the cover is lifted the coin is seen to have changed or vanished. The cover is seen to be clearly empty.
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Ball & Vase Deluxe (Bazar de Magia)
22058 (F5-1-2)
A ball is taken from a vase and put into your pocket. When the top on the base is lifted, the ball has reappeared!
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Coffee Vase (FT)
21743 (M2-5-2)
The Coffee Vase is a classic prop, originally designed to change Coffee Beans to drinkable liquid Coffee. It is a very versatile prop for changing solid or liquid items.
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Golf Ball and Silk Vase (FT) - Red
21258 (M4-7-4)
The silk transforms into a solid ball and back again. Red color.
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Chop Cup Plastic Chrome Plated (Wonder)
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The classic effect where the ball magically disappears and reappears.
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Empire Magic Collection Kit #9
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Empire Magic Collection Kit #2
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Ball and Vase (FT)
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A plastic 4.2" version of this classic magic trick.
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Ball and Vase (Royal)
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A plastic version of the classic magic trick.
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The classic ball and vase routine, chrome colored. Everything can be 
examined! Includes basic and advanced routine. Blister card with