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Ball and Vase (FT)
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Ball and Vase (FT)
Ball and Vase (FT)
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A ball disappears from, penetrates through and reappears in the vase. Supplied with plastic ball and vase, (4" in height) and step by step illustrated colored instructions to perform this classic trick in attractive box packing.
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Trapezoid Water Vase  (FT)
The water will remain in place even after the paper is removed.
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Magic Ball Puzzle - Ball and Vase #5410
The ball jumps from the vase to your pocket.
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Magic Cup and Ball - Ball and Vase - Assorted Neon Colors
A 4" plastic neon colored version of this classic magic trick.
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Golf Ball and Silk Vase (FT)
The silk transforms into a solid ball and back again.
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Ball and Vase  Chrome - Carded (TM)
The classic ball and vase routine, chrome colored. Everything can be examined! Includes basic and advanced routine. Blister card with instructions.
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Magic Levitating Vase #5468
The vase magically floats once the rope is removed.
In stock

Ball and Vase (Royal)
A plastic version of the classic magic trick.
In stock

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Tricky 7-11 Dice
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Double Sided Coins - Penny - Heads
D18227 *
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Color Changing Candle in Frame (FT)
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Crazy Glasses (Wonder)
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Computer Mindreading Cards
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A plastic 4" version of this classic magic trick.