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Balloon through Head Box
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Balloon through Head Box
Balloon through Head Box
Item #: 19247 (L24-3-3)
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An assistant from the audience is asked to join you during your performance. You ask them to put their head in a polished formica cabinet that measures 14" by 14 1/2" by 11". Several colorful balloon "swords" are propelled thru the cabinet from every imaginable angle. If the audience thinks this is baffling wait until you open the cabinet. When the front door is opened and wow - the head has vanished! Only the balloon swords are visible through the cabinet. You now close the door, remove the balloon swords an the persons head is restored. This is a great sword box without the violence of swords. Great for kid's parties as any assistant can be used. Dm. Wt. 42#
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The balloons will replace the head of the spectator.