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Beads and Strings (FT)
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Beads and Strings (FT)
Beads and Strings (FT)
Item #: 13615 (M2-10-2)
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Three large, wooden beads are threaded onto two strings. The beads are then knotted onto the strings, making it impossible to remove them. A spectator is asked to hold the ends of the strings. A hanky is thrown over the beads. You reach under and remove them. An impossible penetration. Beads come in assorted colors.

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Stitch-O (FT)
This is an excellent close-up penetration effect. The strip of plastic can break free of the string.
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Magic String #5341 -  Pack of 12
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Show two strings in two blocks of wood. You can cut the string, yet it will still pull up and down freely. Cutting the string does not affect the two blocks even though it should - Pack of 12
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Razzle Dazzle (TM)
19347 (M17-12-2)
The variously colored beads will become the same color on command.
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String Book Floating Routines for Table and Stage by R. Wichmann
14718 (L13-1-4.L17-2-1)
This book teaches the real secrets of magic with invisible thread. Thread with balls, silk, canes, hats corks, tennis balls, loops and more. Paperback 8.5" x 5.5", 82 pages with over 99 illustrations.
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Wand and Beads Puzzle - Pack of 36
Try to remove the beads from the wand. Makes a great gift.
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Magic Beads Illusion Set #5412 - Pack of 12
17932 (M12-7-3)
The three beads come right off of the string. Pack of 12 blister cards.
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Color Vision (FT)
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Phony Squirt - Mustard
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Flaming Silk or Ball Production Casket - Small (FT)
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The magician can magically remove the beads from the string.