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Deluxe Beginners Magic Kit #3 (62605)
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Deluxe Beginners Magic Kit #3 (62605)
Deluxe Beginners Magic Kit #3 (62605)
Item #: 19636 (F2-3-4)
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4 Easy to do tricks! For beginners, includes: Mystic Money Paddle, Multiplying Money Tray, Defying Gravity (Secret Bottle Cap), and Clip It. All in one!!!

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Clip Card (FT) - Pack of 100
12610 (M4-1-3)
Simple but amazing card and paper clip trick. Pack of 100.
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Magic Invisible Anti-Gravity Bottle Cap - Bulk 100
18027 (M12-17-3)
Anti-gravity bottle caps come in a bag of 100. A mind blowing trick.
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Locking Card Box - Wood (FT)
21747 (M12-2-3)
As the name suggests it is a box for changing a playing card, and can be equally effective to change a business card, paper slips, or envelopes, currency notes, etc.
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Ghost Slate
21722 (M8-14-4)
A whimsical combination of the haunted hank and ghost slate!
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Spider Pen X - (Mesika)
21710 (M1-17-3)
The most practical, highest-performing motorized reel ever created! Redesigned and engineered from the ground up to be the most practical, reliable motorized reel on the planet...
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Jumbo Coins - Roosevelt Dime
21703 (M11-11-2)
A 3” diameter zinc metal replica of a Roosevelt Dime. Other choices are Lincoln Penny, Jefferson Nickel, Washington Quarter, Kennedy Half Dollar, Eisenhower Dollar, and Sacagawea Dollar.
In Stock

Stiff Rope - Budget White (TM)
21618 (M20-14-2)
An ordinary rope can become perfectly stiff. Easy to do!
Out of Stock

Zodiac Prediction (Whats My Sign) (FT)
21606 (M25-6-1)
The magician reveals the spectator’s selected zodiac sign.
In Stock

A four item magic set for beginning magicians: Mystic Money Paddle, 
Multiplying Money Tray, Defying Gravity (Secret Bottle Cap), and