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Bicycle New Era Rider Back Deck - 100% Plastic
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Bicycle New Era Rider Back Deck - 100% Plastic
Bicycle New Era Rider Back Deck - 100% Plastic
Item #: 19341 (M2-7-1)
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Bicycle 100% plastic - extremely durable! Great for both magicians and poker players. Imagine a deck that does not fear the passage of time, nor humidity, nor water. 54 cards producing a wonderful sound when shuffled in any way. Every magician will enjoy this deck: cards always perfect, and even washable. Stun your audience with simple shuffles. The sound is sharper and more pleasant. Let your audience "hear" your ability!

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A new and improved plastic deck of cards. Cards always perfect, and 
even washable. Bicycle 100% plastic... extremely durable. Great 
for both magicians and poker players.