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Bite Out Quarter (with RK Band) (Roy Kueppers)
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Bite Out Quarter (with RK Band) (Roy Kueppers)
Bite Out Quarter (with RK Band) (Roy Kueppers)
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Take a bite out of a quarter! Then restore it!


Roy Kueppers was the creator of this in 1991. He first sold them through Morrissey Magic in Toronto as “Snack Time.”


Now we are honored to share it with you!


Coin Bite 
Effect: Borrow a coin from a spectator, and a piece is bitten from the coin. The coin is shown in full view with the piece missing. The magician draws attention to the bitten coin and spits the missing piece back at the coin. Instantly, the coin is restored to its original state. The spectator’s coin can then be handed back!

David Blaine did this on his TV special!

Torn and Restored Coin
Effect: The edge of a quarter is torn away. With no more effort than a snap of your fingers or a wave of your hand, the coin Magically restores itself.

Great close-up magic at a great price!
Made especially for the everyday coin worker. Reliable.

Keep it in your pocket then switch it for a borrowed quarter.

Comes with full instructions, extra bands and classic hard-hitting routines.

This is the one fold coin.

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Take a bite out of a quarter! Then restore it!