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Black Holes Prediction (Astor)
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Black Holes Prediction (Astor)
Black Holes Prediction (Astor)
Item #: 20779 (M2-2-3)
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Predict the actions of a spectator perfectly!  The magician starts with a Prediction envelope with 2 cards in it, in full view on a table.  He has a spectator choose several cards from anywhere in a regular deck, split them into 2 piles, turn the top 2 over, and then place transparent plexi sheets on the two selected cards. There is a black circle on the first plexi sheet and a black triangle on the second.  The magician then takes the 2 cards from the envelope, which perfectly match the spectator's selections. The hole in their center matches with the geometrical shape on the plexi sheet that was placed on the selected card.  No sleight of hand.  Works with any deck.  Includes 2 plexi sheets, sheet holder, gimmicked cards, and instructional video download.


See Astor the Magician demonstrate this trick here.

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Spectator chooses 2 cards, then places a transparent plexi sheet 
over each (black circle and triangle). Magician takes 2 cards from 
PREDICTION envelope. It matches chosen cards AND geometric shape! No 
sleight of hand. Works with any deck.